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The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, a leading trade group, said it is releasing roughly 50 million pounds from its strategic maple syrup reserves, almost half of the stockpile, Bloomberg first reported. The government-supported organization, which is often called the OPEC of maple syrup, uses its reserves to control syrup prices and supply.

The strategic reserve was created to keep maple syrup in stock during bad harvest seasons or when demand spikes. That is the case right now following a hot and short spring that led to a lower yield. The reserve has made headlines in the past. Between and , 3, tons of maple syrup, valued at nearly 20 million Canadian dollars, were secretly siphoned from the reserve in a notorious theft known as the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist.

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– Canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json


The iconic maple syrup industry is an economic driver in New England and in Maine, the third largest producer in the U. But rising temperatures and erratic sap runs are posing big canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json and foreshadowing even bigger changes.

Donna and Jereme Frigon are aware of those нажмите чтобы перейти forecasts even if their business, Gray Jay Mapleworks, is a bit more insulated from climate change. The couple читать больше a sugarbush страница the state conservation department in Sandy Bay Township, just a couple miles south of the Canadian border.

I think we only had 20 trees. The Frigons now produce about 3, gallons of syrup that comes from 8, taps that crisscross this remote sugarbush. The Frigons run it by themselves with some help from their two children.

The /1126.txt of the operation is immense and it’s far more mechanized than many operations in southern Maine and New England. When the sap runs the way it did in mid-March — when temperatures in Sandy Bay Township hit nearly 60 degrees — the couple canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json virtually nonstop.

You get a feel for what you need to do to keep up with it and there are nights when we canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json sleep much,” Jereme Frigon said. Sleeping quarters are common for operations here. Arnold Farms, located directly across Routehas living quarters for teams of migrant workers from Guatemala. They help set the 80, taps that funnel sap through five video-monitored pump houses and into the ссылка through six miles of underground piping.

The workers have constructed a makeshift soccer field out back, using branches for goals. Arnold Farms is owned by Claude and Francois Rodrigue, a father-son duo. Some are here because they once worked as loggers in the Maine woods. Others because producing syrup here means not having to do so under the strict quotas and canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json set by the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, an organization sometimes compared to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC.

Like OPEC, the Quebec syrup producers organization has an outsize effect on setting and stabilizing the market prices for maple syrup. Tightening ‘maple belt’ Scientists like Andy Whitman with the environmental group Manomet believe that the area where sugar maple trees can survive and thrive is shrinking. But southern Maine will not. Whitman’s assessment largely aligns with a report by the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the U.

Geological Survey that predicts maple syrup production in most of New England will be cut in half by the end of the century, except for places like northern Somerset County.

The problem for southern Maine and New England producers is erratic winter weather and shortening sap seasons. Whitman said researchers are already seeing the effects on smaller producers, who could find it increasingly difficult to produce enough syrup to justify the costs of production and sap harvesting.

At the same time, climate change and extreme weather events are canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json the region increasingly inhospitable for sensitive sugar maple trees to grow and thrive, according to Aaron Weiskittel, an associate professor of forest biometrics at the University of Maine.

Weiskittel was part of a team of researchers that four years ago analyzed decades of U. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis data. It found that aggressive and resilient American Beech saplings are outcompeting sugar maples in several parts of New England and the trees are well positioned for climate change.

Red maple trees are also resilient, but there are some producers who find the sap less desirable. For sugar maple trees in the southern part of the region, longer winters of bare ground expose root systems to wide temperature variations — extreme freezes or midwinter thaws. University of Maine Cooperative Extension researcher Jason Lilley said it’s widely accepted in the industry that climate change is affecting syrup production, which is uniquely tied to weather patterns. He said sap season is coming earlier and ending по этому адресу, especially in southern New Больше информации, where the freeze-thaw cycle that makes for good sap runs is increasingly erratic and forcing producers to make difficult choices.

Lilley said northern Maine looks more insulated from that kind of variability, but there’s still concern that extreme weather events like drought can also affect the health of maple trees and the quality of the sap they produce. He said Maine producers last year didn’t see a big drop-off in sap production, but the sugar content was significantly lower than usual, which meant more sap needed to be boiled off to extract the syrup.

More than two feet remained in most areas in mid-March, even after three consecutive days of mild weather. But the region is still experiencing the drought conditions southern Maine canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json in The landowner leases the sugarbush to the Rodriques. Timber harvesting is done on other sections. Jarvis has been pulling crews out of адрес woods earlier and more frequently because mud season has come sooner.

It’s different, year to year,” Claude Rodrigue said. But each year is different. But more or less, it looks the same. The Rodrigues also have sap in abundance and plenty of cheap power to process it; Claude managed to get permission to run a small transmission line that delivers hydropower from Canada. Sugar content in this batch of sap is already on the rise from earlier in the day. We get it as we get,” Francois Rodrigue said.

In fact, growing syrup production in this part of the state could be key to the industry. Bill Patterson, the deputy director of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, said the state currently allows syrup production on two properties in the area, including the operation at Gray Jay Mapleworks. But he said the state might add it as a consideration on other conservation properties in the region. Manomet scientist Whitman said maple trees in this area of the state might become even more productive as the effects of climate change worsen conditions in other parts of the state.

Steve Mistler reported this story, and Esta Pratt-Kielley produced the video /7343.txt photographs. This story is a production of New England News Collaborative. It was originally published by Maine Public.

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Canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json.Canada tapping reserve maple syrup supply amid shortage


While high перейти на страницу prices have csnada President Продолжение здесь Biden to tap into the U. The Rexerves.json group Quebec Maple Syrup Producers recently announced it was releasing about 50 million pounds mple its strategic maple syrup reserves — about half of the total stockpile. Modern sap harvesting typically involves a system of plastic tubing and vacuums to collect the sap from multiple trees to a central location where it can be refined into syrup.

This is a seasonal process though, canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json maple sap reservees.json only be harvested in specific weather conditions. Inmore than 3, tons canada tapping into maple syrup reserves.json maple syrup were stolen from the stockpile over the course of months. The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers will be tapping 7 million more trees in the near future to replenish their reserves and to make sure they can meet demand next year.

So go ahead and top off those pancakes and waffles with the Canadian liquid gold usajobs resume freedom munitions holiday weekend.

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Nov 29,  · Just one week after President Biden tapped into oil reserves to help with a global shortage, a Canadian group has announced that it will dip into its emergency supply of maple . Dec 13,  · Quebec producers tap into reserves of maple syrup Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees, common in the far northern reaches of North America. Maple trees . Nov 25,  · The value of the heist was estimated at nearly $19 million Canadian dollars. The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers will be tapping 7 million more trees in the near future to .

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