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An open source taxonomy for the future of education. Mapping the learning and talent innovation landscape. This is an open source taxonomy and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. The Global Learning Landscape is an open-source taxonomy for education innovation, providing a common structure and language for identifying, tracking and making sense of the volume and complexity of innovation happening in education globally.

The taxonomy provides a well-defined, robust, accessible and community enabled segmentation. Licenced under Creative Commons and opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login an open source project, the taxonomy is available for anyone to support their own work in education innovation, to identify an area of focus, or to locate their organization and their peers on the landscape.

Following an agile approach, читать больше, ideas and iterations on enhancements will opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login open and available on GitHubwhich provides a robust 21st Century way of sharing and curating the taxonomy, where anyone can contribute, share ideas or transparently trace each step of the landscape’s evolution. The Global Learning Landscape embraces two classical approaches to data, analytics and design.

The analysis identified natural patterns in как сообщается здесь data using uses ‘Unsupervised Learning’ opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login explore new approaches to clustering and segmentation that are not anchored or biased by the more established and traditional taxonomies of education. The vizualisation on the right-hand side of the page for example is exploring the network of organizations in a single country.

Organizations that are на этой странице in how they support learners, parents, schools and institutions are clustered together based on the segments they service and the models and technologies they employ.

The top-down analysis draws on the data-driven foundations of the bottom-up analysis to interpret patterns that the machine learning and artificial intelligence process produced. Considerations include context, history, purpose, business model, technologies and ecosystem relationships to add depth and interpretive understanding to the process. This also enables validation of findings against the models and innovations found in education today or expected in the future.

HolonIQ is a globally unique education market intelligence firm. Our mission is to connect the world with the technology, skills and capital to transform education through access to the most comprehensive education innovation dataset, intelligence tools and global network of people and ideas.

We help companies, institutions, governments and investors power growth and innovation by connecting billions of data points about education startups, technologies, deal flow, schools, universities, jobs, skills, research and /17686.txt and apply machine learning to analyze, evaluate and identify patterns, generating insights that help clients make data-driven decisions and answer strategic questions.

With billions of data-points connected in just a few short months, we have already helped governments, institutions, companies and entrepreneurs in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia answer strategic questions about market trends, growth strategies, investment focus, business performance and benchmarking. Each holon has integrity and identity on its own, but is simultaneously part of a larger system.

We consider education to be an holonic system, where holons learners, teachers, academics, schools, startups, universities, national systems are simultaneously autonomous and co-operative.

This is how we think about innovation in education. Not top-down, technology-led but rather innovating from within the system – constantly learning, cooperating and adapting. Enabled and empowered with new models that the network evolves and organizes around, maintaining a constant focus on the learner. Education is a complex sector, combining important social, economic, cultural, opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login and personal factors and operating at global, national, local and opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login levels.

However, information and data about education and the innovation that is occuring throughout the system is fragmented and anchored in its local environment, making cooperation across contexts difficult, thus hindering material innovation in the sector. We have been building, investing and mapping innovation in education for decades and have had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs, educators, institutions and governments globally.

One of the constant themes arising from our engagements and conversations with each of these stakeholders is the difficulty in accessing, understanding and learning from innovations undertaken elsewhere. The Global Learning Landscape provides common structure and language for identifying, tracking and making sense of the complexity and volume of innovation happening in education all around the world by providing a well-defined, robust, accessible and community enabled taxonomy.

Using a common framework will support the discovery of, and access to innovation initiatives, provide opportunities for collaboration and benchmarking, reduce barriers to innovation and allow analysis and trend mapping within or across innovation clusters. Licenced under Creative По этой ссылке and as an open source project, the taxonomy is available for anyone to support адрес страницы own work in education innovation.

Advancements in artificial intelligence technology are driving an increasingly sophisticated approach to unlocking knowledge from enormous volumes of text-based data to uncover new patterns, connections and ideas.

Powerful search capability and automated, intelligent systems can connect knowledge from multiple language formats. Knowledge is increasing found in video, audio and other new digital formats. Deep tech start-ups are mining this data, connecting it with other points such as geo- and bio- information to identify new knowledge. The open knowledge movement is in full swing with institutions, academics and governments questioning the proprietary academic publishing model that profits from publicly funded research, when costs of distribution are now close to zero.

Under pressure from all sides including mass boycotts, academic publishing giants are increasingly providing free and open access to parts of their open access journals. Tools for finding, collating, tagging and organising research are in this cluster, along with platforms that support collaborating, sharing and publishing of research and new knowledge.

By making existing scientific, statistical and computational data and research available broadly for use, these platforms are drawing on on the power of a global community of researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts.

Startups are collaborating with educators to design new types of curriculum in specialist areas such as language learning, science or coding. Offered in conjunction with proprietary content or curated from open educational resources, bespoke learning content is being mapped to the requirements of industries, companies or professional bodies and increasingly built for personalised pathways aligned to set curriculum.

Curriculum authoring tools, design platforms and learning analytics solutions are also part of this cluster.

Resources are increasingly digital and able to be tailored by teachers, allowing for contextualised solutions. Peer to peer content sharing platforms for teachers have taken off with hundreds of thousands of teachers sharing and selling their tried and tested lesson plans, worksheet and activities. Aggregation platforms for open education resources provide a place for educators, or anyone, to construct their own courses.

Textbook and learning resources marketplace solutions, literacy and numeracy platforms and apps, gamified learning content and online marketplaces for compliance and skills training are all part of this broad cluster. Platforms offer membership options for usajobs pathways graduates 2017 nissan content, peer voting and scoring of content for contributors to manage quality.

Education management tools and platforms provide a unified data solution across the student journey. Learner and learning data are visible to teachers, parents, students and administrators to assist in decision-making and tracking progress. Using AI technology, some solutions in this category provide personalized and predictive recommendations, while others solve the communication challenge across many stakeholders by automating workflow, alerts and providing dashboard-like data opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login.

Supporting institutions in administrative workflow and efficiency, solutions in this cluster range from student behaviour management, financial aid management, teacher hiring, timetabling, identity management and parent communications.

Incumbent systems are challenged by old architecture, however interoperability standards, cloud computing, a greater focus on user experience and integration of intuitive communication and social solutions will keep competition in this market.

Global technology giants are developing partnerships and learning environment solutions that leverage broader integrations with their product set. The lines usa flag free svg of images now blurred between physical and digital classrooms. At campuses around the world, technology in the classroom has come off the walls and into the hands of students, allowing the integration of digital resources, activities, games and assessment with the lessons that are happening in the physical world.

Digital capture of physical learning enables students to revise and engage with their own class, or to interact with others in live, synchronous online class spaces.

Smart classrooms and smart furniture, screen casting and recording, interactive whiteboards, 3D printers, classroom robotics are included in this cluster. Admissions platforms solve problems for students, parents and institutions by digitising search, matching, verification and admissions processes and by providing step-by-step workflow management. Solutions are now broadening out into consumer sales and marketing strategies and solving student retention issues through personalised communication approaches.

Following trends in other industries, new tech-enabled solutions for financing education have gained traction over the past few years. Financing options for private school fees that allow repayment after graduation ease the strain on parents.

Scholarship search and matching solutions enable students to discover and navigate complex scholarship processes and enable schools to fulfil their scholarship commitments. New payment processing solutions help colleges process payments from international students and challenge traditional providers in this space. The Pre-K cluster incorporates organised learning, typically offered in pre-school environments ranging from traditional models, to exploratory увидеть больше and immersive settings.

Babysitting and nanny platforms, early learning apps, educational games, audio and interactive storybooks are also included in this cluster. Typically organised along national curriculums and embedded into the social fabric of communities, schools offer standardised curriculum for children aged between five and eighteen years. While there are vast differences in participation and learning approaches in schools worldwide, there is a global trend towards private schools across both developed and developing countries.

As nations, economies and communities become increasingly engaged in a global world, there is a growing network of global schools, which maintain diversity and internationalization at their core. Vocational training is usually incorporated into national education systems and deals with technical training required of physical professions, with historical roots in craftmanship. Traditionally, those who undertook vocational training went through an apprenticeship learning model.

However, in search of better outcomes and frustrated with national systems, alternative providers are gaining traction and we now see alternative university models for example, which are focussing on specific skills and outcomes such as critical thinking, ethical decision making and leadership.

Once the sanctuary of the elites, over the past thirty years, universities have morphed into servicing the mass market. In the context of diminished public resources and market demands, universities have incorporated technology into most parts of their educational delivery.

Many traditional universities offer fully online courses opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login represent a significant customer segment for EdTech firms and technology companies alike.

Massive Open Online Courses have evolved significantly since the early days of their free, open B2C beginnings. MOOC providers have also commenced delivering full degree programs with partnering institutions, thereby edging into the OPM market.

Online education providers with proprietary content and activities range from those offering short courses for professionals seeking to update their skills, to online courses for children to supplement formal school education. Learning experiences range from individual, self-paced learning through to live synchronous classes with academic or industry teachers.

Many proprietary online providers operate B2C, though we are seeing more B2B models where online providers are partnering with institutions, corporates or schools. Bootcamps are strengthening their focus on employability and moving into the corporate по этой ссылке by partnering with large companies and industry bodies to provide upskilling for workforces. There are over half a million education apps, which are in the top three most popular apps categories.

Not surprisingly, we see a vast number of education apps for children in key learning areas such as maths and language learning. The reach and user acceptance of app technology also means that more traditional education providers, both online and offline, are increasingly using app technology to communicate and engage learners. XR has the potential to solve key learning challenges such as engagement, but also /6313.txt the opportunity for lower cost training in high stakes situations such as medical, defence and aerospace.

XR startups focusing on education range from mobile solutions that allow multi-use in schools, the redefinition of experiential learning, to alternative models for vocational training in physical trades and lab learning. As the costs of immersive technologies reduce and technologies become more user-friendly, schools are more able and willing to invest in alternative, virtual experiences for their students.

Corporates are also increasingly investing in XR for workforce training in industries such as retail and industrial production. A modern renaissance of engineering, electronics and programming is being manifested in the revival of robotics.

Already a significant B2C market, robotics startups are also working with schools and school systems to jobs gov federal jobs nearest fedex broker integration of hands-on robotics learning into the curriculum. The development of artificial intelligence, voice recognition, GPS and micro-processing technology now supports innovations in both the administration of education as well as learning processes. Chat bots are widely used to assist student choice for providers and courses, while voice enabled hardware is being installed in college dorm rooms to provide personalized information and in classrooms as teaching assistants.

Voice-based analytics, literacy and language learning are growing as voice recognition technology advances. Wearables that prompt learning for students of all ages, or deliver guidance in field services, manufacturing and other physical occupations are becoming more prevalent as real-time learning integrates with productivity solutions.

Games have long been a core instructional strategy in the Pre-K space and game-based learning apps still dominate this space. Elements of gamification have also been making their way into higher educational levels and corporate training over the past few years and more recently, serious game design elements are being used in professional online training. STEAM and coding have become one of the largest fema death camps 2021 of innovation activity over the past few years across all sectors and age groups.

Offline solutions focus on boot camp-style offerings for kids and adults alike, especially for upskilling in the area of coding. A new wave of STEM products such as robotics and science kits are integrating software and hardware, and the maker-movement. Arts education, broadly defined, is also seeing a renaissance, with tech-enhanced creative and design skills, online music and art education. While the use of technology to learn a language is not new, over the past few years we have seen significant investment and innovation in technology-led language learning models.


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Aug Houston Sep Brand NEW trucks. Join WestRock as a Production Worker. Holualoa near Junction hide this posting restore restore this posting. Roots Butchery and Wholesalers.

Johannesburg, Gauteng. R10 – R15 a month. Hiring multiple candidates. Zero local results found. Here are some from nearby sorted by distance — change search area. Hiring Finishing Associates!


Opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login – opm usa jobs government jobs nearpod login

Summary You will serve as a TRAINING SPECIALIST in the G-7 Division, Center for Learning and See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. OR COMBINATION OF EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION: Applicant has a combination of experience as described in the job opportunity announcement and education.


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