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Government agencies not on usajobs resume templates artisteer 4.3
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Features new to Windows Server R2. Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor. Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier. Computer and internet protocol address verifier. Computer and Internet protocol address verifier. Microsoft windows vista operating system. Lyons opened as its general manager in , with Thompson as chef. Lyons called it “Boston’s first gastropub.

Outdoors, across from the hotel, amid trees and plants, Lyons pointed to spots for six tables. Four four-tops and two two-tops, he said, using restaurant lingo that reflects his years in the business. Separating the tables from the access to the hotel is a wrought-iron fence about 3 feet high, “to keep kids from grabbing booze,” a requirement by selectmen when they approved the license last August. What Lyons and his partners are doing is transforming the 4,square-foot space, with parking spaces shared with CVS and Arlington Health and Fitness , using all Lyons has learned after starting as a bartender at Faneuil Hall in Between and , he said he opened more than 10 restaurants, including the Black Horse Tavern in Winchester.

Asked whether he watched “Restaurant: Impossible,” he shook his head and said, “My investors do. Sports may be on TV — after all, Lyons played hockey at St. He said he’s thinking about having live music a couple of times a week.

A group or solo could perform in the corner near Mass. Lyons’s historical theme extends to participation in the town: He’s a member of economic and tourism committee, known as A-TED , as well as the sign committee, discussed at this year’s regular Town Meeting. Lyons said May 21 that after an opening for staff May , he would hold an opening for family and friends May 30 through June 1. The opening to the public had scheduled for June 3. That schedule has been thrown off.

Lyons has told YourArlington that a June 10 opening is expected. Hours: Open every night, to midnight. Four lunches: Thursday through Sunday. Tables: seats, including 24 bar stools and 12 booths. Employees: “in the 40s”. Call: You’ll notice a slight malty sweetness with a balanced hop finish. Copious Cascade and Centennial hops with Crystal malt.

Lagunitas makes a point to thank each drinker for taking the time to try their flagship beer by putting this on each of its bottles: “Thanks for choosing to spend the next few minutes with this special homicidally hoppy ale. Mortal combat on the battlefield of your palate! This story was published Wednesday, May 22, , and updated June 4 after the the public opening day changed. The report says: “Folks in Arlington crowd this new outpost of a Beverly favorite for tangy fish tacos on supple tortillas, tortas on squishy telera bread, and sturdy chips mercifully free of grease.

Counter service is swift, prices are gentle, and their chile de arbol sauce is a thick, spicy delight. Beer handles in entry at Common Ground. The space in the center awaits a special case. The new venue, which opened Sept. The term was coined in Britain to describe a spot emphasizing food with its rink. As a bartender there, he said he heard “96 straight ’90s nights,” and he’s glad to leave them behind.

As we talked in an early afternoon, people popped in asking to see a menu and owner Bob O’Guin buzzed about in an orange sweatshirt, with questions for Kangiser.

The opening, long in coming, is still not full-fledged. Hours are 5 p. Common Ground has a staff of 22 the day we talked, but Kangiser is still hiring, as he seeks about 40 employees.

He thought he would be able to open for lunch and brunch after those hires are made — “in about two weeks. For parking, always tight at the plaza, the company points customers to the Russell Common lot, behind St.

Agnes, but says it is working on another option. The list of draught beers includes Common Ground Draft. The manager says that is not a specific in-house brew, but pours from a “rotating barrel.

That one remains on tap a few weeks. Kangiser, who has worked in restaurants and nightclubs for 24 years, half in Florida and half in Massachusetts, said a new steel handle saying “Common Ground Draft” is being made and will go in the space for it in middle of the display of handles that greet customers as they arrive.

Broadway Plaza has for a number of years had a restaurant with music accompanying meals, at Fusion Taste , a few doors away. Common Ground is the first restaurant with windows that fold out, which won’t happen until next spring, unless climate change accelerates.

Kangiser said the sound system had just been tested for the seats in the main dining area, and “the music will not go outside. He said that, according to code, the sound is “barely above crowd noise. The seat function room in the rear, where noise might be more likely to occur, is strongly insulated, he said.

He said of Common Ground Arlington: “We do not want to be an entertainment venue,” though there may be some music. The room at the rear will be used for business meetings and rehearsal dinners before weddings. Planned in back for Oct. Noise was a concern raised by neighbors when the Redevelopment Board considered its plans in July Selectmen had their say in September. Selectmen approved the plan last December. YourArlington’s publisher saw a lively crowd there on the misty evening of Friday, Oct.

Last year, as an interim step to make the plaza more functional, work was planned for the current fiscal year to remove the defunct fountain structure. The fountain was in use for a very short period after it was constructed in , before it was bricked over. She added that her department has no immediate further plans for the space this fiscal year. She wrote that the department “supports active use of public spaces in Arlington’s commercial centers.

I hope for and expect a more comprehensive re-design of Broadway Plaza in the near future. It should be complete in a couple weeks. This story was published Sunday, Oct. Lu Sang, manager of Szechuan’s Dumpling, at Mass.

The link to the website is szechuans. Enoki beef, served by Sono. Using his hands to shape a circle, the year-old said in an interview, “It’s like a park where people meet and come together. The decor is sleek. Lighting in the ceiling recesses cycles through blue, purple and green.

A decided purple highlights the bar. Above tables, lights shimmer from slim cylinders in which water appears to bubble. Hotate yuzu, a scallops appetizer.

He provided three examples, the first two of which his staff brought out to taste, as they set up on Friday, Jan. His aims? He ticked off the reasons immediately, without being asked: “Good service to all people, good food, a place that looks nice. Note that he puts service first. Opening night, he told customers that he welcomed any opinion, one way or another. In the back is parking for 15 vehicles. On the evening of Jan.

He called it his “first school,” where he learned to cook and to communicate. He said that the two others, who worked at more restaurants than he, have 10 years’ experience each. As many owners have done, Chen said he worked his way up in the restaurant hierarchy — from cleaning to dishwashing to cooking to service.

Everything you do in life is “just a step along the way. Sono is not just a new Asian establishment added to a glittering Arlington restaurant scene; it is also a neighborhood improvement. And so the cafe is no longer alone, as it has been for about three years under the current owners.

Soon a kitchen-supply store is expected to complete the once-dilapidated block. Chen declined to say the amount of money invested in Sono. Open 7 days a week. Monday through Thursday: a.

Friday, Saturday: a. Sunday: to 10 p. YourArlington is a c 3 nonprofit. Your contributions are tax-deductible. Joomla template created with Artisteer. Media partner. October 06, Restaurant news Restaurant news. Accolades can’t keep Bistro Duet open: ‘Pourquoi? Category: Restaurant news. Gurinder owns the restaurant with her husband, Jaspal.

Review: flora marries comforting classic, colorful creativity This announcement was published Tuesday, Sept. Messi is at bottom right, second from front in Tango photo. Review: flora marries comforting classic, colorful creativity This report was published Saturday, June 4, From the name to the decor, the grill and tavern exude history and Arlington: — Menotomy, of course, is what the town was called before , when it became West Cambridge.

Billy Lyons Billy Lyons, left, and chef Mark Thompson, in front of a fireplace built by a friend from Lyons’s Arlington High class, flank sign signaling pub’s historic roots. Reshaping the space “We had to transform an ugly s space,” he said of the place that rented videos, to one with an older attitude. Added to the walls are historical maps as well as a photo of the original Brackett. That’s the mood. What about the food? The beer list is at the end of this story.

As he talked during an initial interview May 14, work continued in a frenzy around us. Hours: Open every night, to midnight Four lunches: Thursday through Sunday.



Government agencies not on usajobs resume templates artisteer 4.3

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