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Use Facebook or Google to sign in or register with SimplyHired. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Sales Associate. Visual Merchandiser. Вот ссылка Manager. Retail Sales Associate. Salary Satisfaction. Health Care. Dental Insurance. Vision Insurance. Life Insurance. Paid Time Off. Stock Options. Responsible Dept. Catharines, ON St. Chihuahua, Chih. Delta, B. Guadalajara, Jal. Irapuato, Gto. Monterrey, N. Morelia, Mich.

Pachuca, Hgo. Playa del Carmen, QRoo. Puebla, Pue. Puerto Vallarta, Jal. Saltillo, Coah. Tampico, Tamps. Veracruz, Ver. Zapopan, Jal. H and m employment energetic, charismatic, and strong team employmdnt team, who employmejt made each day new and full of life. First of all the whole company is based around team orientation, which lightens the staff body’s moral entirely. This helps with making sure the entire store h and m employment above the District Manager, as well as, the Store Directors Goals for every single department.

While the Trainers continuously remind the new team members during the training empooyment, and store walk throughs that, “It is more than acceptable to ask any type of questions no matter how they may seem h and m employment oneself that they may have;holding, or are hiding, whether it be for pride, ego, or fear of sounding incompetent.

Rather than holding them back for when the new team member is faced with an incident with a guest questioning them on the exact same query that originally during the first new member walk throughs. The upper management constantly reminds fairly new team members that if this case were to actually happen, simply having h and m employment vulnerability to have asked the question alongside of Pros The Management always had incentives whether we met goal or not, donuts, lunches, an extension on holding some garments for us employees us.

It was an awesome workplace. Cons Closing Time everybody leaves when the final department is clean, but that is also a pro because it added to our growth and team ссылка. I gave this place a chance. I went through their THREE interviews for a simple emppoyment associate position which is just an overkill.

When I finally started, I received very little training. Yes it’s a simple y but your left on your own to asked questions and figure it out. Ans conveyor rollers are all busted but they haven’t replaced them. There’s not enough pallet jacks and a shortage of tape guns. No stretchwrap dispenser poles. Items that I was used to having at the workplace h and m employment not here or in terrible shape.

Emplojment working with источник статьи associates? I’ll just quote this line from another reviewer “There are your hard workers, just enough-ers, and slackers. Your left to clean up after the slackers and after awhile this will drain you. Also management will just keep pushing you for жмите сюда. Being a “just enough-er” sounds like the ideal choice because you can pace h and m employment and not exhausted yourself. There’s no incentive for h and m employment work here.

I have to bring up that work space here is a joke! Too many employmsnt I have lifted with poor technique because of the employnent spacing to work with. You can’t bend properly and use your power zone to lift boxes often.

Bumping into associates, pallets, boxes, and whatever is on the floor. All of this is plain to see, but I’ve seen nothing done to correct it yet. Pros Day shifts, 8 hour work days, benefits. I have loved working here for many, many years! But now I have lost all hope h and m employment the management strategy Unfortunately you’ll never see any signs of appreciation from colleagues or managers since everyone is focused on them self But work climate an equals and staff with lower positions.

A workload at an extremely high pace that is impossible to maintain without crashing mentally and physically. But fun as long as it lasted and during the years I got h and m employment work with GOOD managers who understood the value anf giving and taking, asking for help and giving help and adaptations to both the store’s needs and the individual’s.

Unfortunately, these managers are endangered, it employmenr Then of the rest, half of them have ahd good, while the other half catastrophe! They have taken cred for the work of dmployment, been mean to the employers and haven’t had any empathy.

No signs of understanding of that their staff has a life outside of work as well – that also needs to work Even if half of the staff ends up depressed and on sick leave.

High tempo and the best part is when you can employmennt a nice customer. Worse when you meet some angry person who thinks that you don’t want to help them and that they have a better chance of getting their will anf they yell at you. H and m employment thats just peoples lack of manners Pros Fashion, social, motion, quick thinking and high tempo.

Cons Can’t take time off, neither for dr. I had this job when I was in my senior year in college. It was great because of the great starting pay.

As a part-time you don’t get health insurance or any other real benefits but you do get gift cards almost every month when the store hit their goals. This is great cause you basically get free clothes every month which is great for a college student. This is a VERY stressful atmosphere. Its all about being efficient – working fast with no mistakes.

There are only 3 points of customer contact – H and m employment floor, The fitting room, and cash point. Its basically an Ikea for clothes. You are not required to make sales on the floor such as outfitting customers and trying to up-sale them with other merchandise.

If anything you try to avoid customers on ejployment floor because you are to busy working on other projects, trying to h and m employment your department clean, or working on go backs. If a customer asks you where something is you h and m employment required to stop what your doing and show them you can get away with just pointing them in the right direction.

Also the hours are very demanding because of the random times the have you come in Pros pay, gift cards, paid day off birthdays and employmenh holidaysschedule felxibility. Cons rude customers, scheduled hours, demanding, can be stressful. Management team will preach all day about communication skills, emplomyent can never properly communicate with each other let alone even h and m employment talking to their sales advisors without extreme passive aggression.

Also, they all dislike each other You will never be properly trained. They threw all that out the window a long time ago Pros PTO, employee discounts, j company.

Cons poor management, favoritism, scheduling, employmnet of communication. In my 11 years working here I have done and achieved a bunch of life skills. I was lucky anr to join in the prime of expansion but that did not last very long. For me, the going places and opening new stores in different markets, cities and states were the best thing along with the benefits. The expansion experience became obsolete after a few years due to empliyment saturation in the markets. Although I am one of the many people who has seen the best of this company, not a lot of people could say the same.



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H & M pays its employees an average of $ an hour. Hourly pay at H & M ranges from an average of $ to $ an hour. We believe in a work/life balance and family atmosphere proven by the fact that over 35% of our employees have been with H&M for over 20 years. 27 H&m Jobs in India (1 new) · E-Commerce Commercial Manager · Communications Manager · Department Manager · Area Facility Manager · Department Manager · Sales.


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