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Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly. There are job openings in federal agencies across the country.

There, you can:. Search for jobs , including ones in high demand. Find student job opportunities with the government. Learn about government jobs for non-U. Sign up with login. If you want to work for a specific agency, find its website through the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

Explore local and virtual federal hiring events and training opportunities. There is never an application fee or a testing fee to apply for a government or U.

Postal Service job. If you’ve served in the military and want to find a federal job, check out FedsHireVets. It has information on:. Uses Schedule A , a non-competitive hiring process. It’s faster and easier than the competitive process. Provides reasonable accommodations to qualified employees. You can also apply for jobs through the competitive hiring process. It covers Schedule A and other factors in applying for a job.

Find summer jobs, internships, and permanent positions through the Workforce Recruitment Program. Special hiring authorities let agencies appoint vets with service-connected disabilities to jobs. Ask a real person any government-related question for free. They’ll get you the answer or let you know where to find it.

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The staff helps people understand IDEA requirements and access appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms. If you need assistance, please contact the OSEP customer service specialist or state contact assigned to your state. If you find that your child does not qualify for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA , then you should inquire about services under Section Section of the Rehabilitation Act of Section is designed to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal funds from the U.

Section requires a school district to provide a “free appropriate public education” FAPE to each qualified student with a disability who is in the school district’s jurisdiction, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability.

Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights enforces Section in programs and activities that receive federal education funds. For more information, visit Protecting Students with Disabilities. According to the regulations, a child qualifies for special education and related services under IDEA if a team of professionals evaluates the child and determines that:. The evaluation must consider all areas related to the suspected disability; it also must use a variety of assessment tools and strategies.

Within 30 days of concluding that your child qualifies for services, the school district must hold a meeting to create an individualized education program IEP for your child. To have your child tested, contact your child’s teacher, the principal of the school, or the local or state director for special education.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA is a law that makes available a free appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities throughout the nation and ensures special education and related services to those children. The IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education, and related services to more than 6.

You can search the statute and regulations here. The cornerstone of the IDEA is the entitlement of each eligible child with a disability to a free appropriate public education FAPE that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet the child’s unique needs and that prepare the child for further education, employment, and independent living. An IEP must take into account a child’s present levels of academic achievement and functional performance, and the impact of that child’s disability on his or her involvement and progress in the general education curriculum.

IEP goals must be aligned with grade-level content standards for all children with disabilities. Department of Education Department provides grants to designated state agencies to operate a program of vocational rehabilitation VR in each state and territory. There is federal guidance over all the state programs, but states also have the authority to design their own programs within those guidelines.

The designated state VR agencies assist individuals with disabilities in securing gainful employment depending on their abilities, capabilities, and informed choice. The state VR agencies also provide training, assistive technology, and transportation.

Although the RSA administers the VR program in each state, its authority to intervene in individual cases is limited. However, one of its primary roles is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to exercise their rights to due process when they believe their rights have been violated. The Rehabilitation Act of Act , as amended, establishes an appeals process for individuals who are dissatisfied with the services that VR is or is not providing.

The Act gives individuals the right to pursue mediation as a means of resolving the complaint against the agency. The Act also establishes a formal hearing process and a judicial review process for individuals. You may utilize any or all of these methods of appeal in order to resolve your concerns. CAP services help clients or client applicants pursue concerns they have with programs funded under the Rehabilitation Act.

For additional information, please visit the RSA website. To apply for benefits, or for more information about the services in your area, please contact your state VR agency. FERPA is a federal law that gives parents the right to have access to their children’s education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records.

When a student turns 18 years old, or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, the rights under FERPA transfer from the parents to the student. Contact the school district where you attended high school or your state department of education. If you attended a non-public school , you will want to contact the school directly. Department of Education does not maintain transcript records of any school.

Congress has passed two major pieces of legislation that generally require local educational agencies LEAs receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of ESEA to give military recruiters the same access to secondary school students as they provide to postsecondary institutions or to prospective employers. LEAs are also generally required to provide students’ names, addresses, and telephone listings to military recruiters, when requested.

The information is used specifically for armed services recruiting purposes and to inform young people of scholarship opportunities. Schools are required to provide notice to parents, allowing them an opportunity to opt out of providing the information to recruiters. The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment PPRA is a federal law that affords certain rights to parents of minor students with regard to surveys that ask questions of a personal nature.

Briefly, the law requires that schools obtain written consent from parents before minor students are required to participate in any U. Department of Education funded survey, analysis, or evaluation that reveals information concerning the following areas:. When schools close, the generally accepted practice is for the school to make arrangements with the state-licensing agency to store their records.

If you are trying to find your academic records from a closed school, you should contact the state licensing agency in the state in which the school was located to ask whether the state made arrangements to store the records. Information about financial aid and closed schools is also available. The requirements for teacher certification and licensing are determined by state departments of education.

Licensing is the process by which a government agency grants a license to an individual who has met certain requirements. Certification is the process by which an individual with certain qualifications is recognized. For information on the requirements for obtaining a license and certification, please contact the state department of education in the state where you wish to teach.

If you have credentials from overseas, you may need to seek credential evaluation services to become certified as a teacher in the U. Degree, diploma, and credit recognition are not performed or regulated by the federal government. Recognition is not usually done by state or local governments either.

In many cases this work is delegated to private credential evaluation services and the resulting evaluations are recognized as valid. For more information on this topic, please see the foreign qualifications page. Currently, there is no certification program that is accepted in all states. Some states offer reciprocity for certifications obtained in other states. Contact your state department of education to ask about reciprocity.

If you are a teacher serving in a low-income or subject-matter shortage area, it might be possible for you to cancel or defer a portion of your federal student loans. Eligibility requirements are determined by the type of loan s the teacher has out:. Cancellation for Perkins Loans : If you have a loan from the Federal Perkins Loan Program, you may be eligible for loan cancellation for full-time teaching at a low-income school or in certain subject areas.

Cancellation for Stafford Loans : If you received a Stafford loan on or after October 1, , and have taught full-time for five years in a low-income school, you may be eligible to have a portion of the loan cancelled. Eligible teachers apply for Perkins loan forgiveness from the office that administers the Perkins loan program at the college or university that holds his or her loan, and for Stafford loan forgiveness through the lender or servicer of his or her loan. More information is available at Student Aid on the Web.

In addition, the program helps these individuals find employment in high-need LEAs or charter schools. Members of the armed forces who wish to receive the program’s assistance for placement as an elementary or secondary school teacher must have a baccalaureate or advanced degree, and their last period of service in the armed forces must have been honorable.

To apply for this program, visit the Troops-to-Teachers website. The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education OESE supports teachers, principals, school leaders, and other educators as they help to launch the problem-solvers and innovators of the future.

OESE supports State and local efforts to implement evidence-based teacher development programs, enhance professional development for new teachers, and encourage alternative routes to teaching certification through grants to states, local education agencies LEAs , institutes for higher education IHEs , or other organizations.

Toggle navigation U. Student Loans Grants Laws Data. Department of Education ED. Budget Can you provide information on the ED budget? How can I conduct business with ED? How do I contact the Department to ask a question or file a complaint? Who has been appointed to serve as U. Secretary of Education? King Jr. Riley Lamar Alexander Lauro F. Cavazos William J. Bennett Terrel H. Bell Shirley M. Hufstedler How do I seek employment with ED? How does the Department engage parents and families?

How do I comment on a federal register notice submitted by the Department? When was ED established and what is its mission? Under this law, ED’s purpose is to: Strengthen the Federal commitment to assuring access to equal educational opportunity for every individual; Supplement and complement the efforts of states, the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the states, the private sector, public and private nonprofit educational research institutions, community-based organizations, parents, and students to improve the quality of education; Encourage the increased involvement of the public, parents, and students in Federal education programs; Promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of education through Federally supported research, evaluation, and sharing of information; Improve the coordination of Federal education programs; Improve the management of Federal education activities; and Increase the accountability of Federal education programs to the President, the Congress, and the public.

How do I apply for an internship with the Department? What is the School Ambassador Fellowship Program? Career, Technical, and Adult Education.

Adult Education Funding What funding and resources does the Department offer for professional adults? How can I find an adult literacy program in my area? Are there assistance programs for adults to develop work skills? Can I take an exam to receive a diploma or certificate? Where can I find an adult English-language learner program near me? How do I obtain my professional or occupational license nursing, social work, accountant, contractor etc.

Civil Rights. What is the Civil Rights Data Collection? Information about collecting and reporting data for the CRDC is available at How do I file a complaint of discrimination?

Where can I view pending civil rights investigations? What is Section ? What is Title VI? What does “race, color, or national origin” mean within the context of Title VI? What is Title IX? Early Childhood Education.

Child Care Resources Does the Department provide child care resources? How do I know if my infant or toddler is eligible for early intervention services? What early learning programs does the Department offer for school readiness? How can I locate a Head Start program? Elementary and Secondary Education. Afterschool Programs How do I find a quality after school program for my child?

My child is being bullied in school. How can you help? What is a certificate of completion? Below are some important facts about certificates of completion: A certificate of completion, or its equivalent, is not an academic credential, but certifies attendance in high school. They cannot be used as a prerequisite for admission to a postsecondary institution, or any other program that requires a high school degree. Recipients of certificates are not prevented from returning to receive a full diploma or high school equivalency degree.

Information about state graduation requirements and certificate policies can be found by contacting your state department of education. What are Charter Schools? How do I file a complaint against a school? What is Constitution Day and what are schools required to do on this day? I am concerned about discipline and safety in our schools. Where can I get information and assistance? The following resources provide information on school safety, order and related topics: The Office of Safe and Supportive Schools OSSS addresses; the health and well-being of students as well as school safety, security, and emergency management and preparedness.

OSSS administers, coordinates, and recommends policy as well as administers grant programs and technical assistance centers addressing the overall safety and health of the school community. The Readiness and Emergency Management REMS Technical Assistance TA Center supports schools, school districts, and institutions of higher education IHEs , by providing a hub of information, resources, training, and services in the field of school and higher education emergency operations planning.

The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments NCSSLE offers information and technical assistance to States, districts, schools, institutions of higher learning, and communities focused on improving school climate and conditions for learning.

How can I find out about national education standards and curricula? How do I enroll my child in school? What rights do homeless children have to a public education? My child’s first language is not English.

What kind of bilingual or English as a Second Language programs are available? How do I locate a school or district? What programs are available for children of migrant families? What is the role of religion and prayer in the public schools? What is the school lunch program, and how do children qualify for it?

I am concerned about a school policy or its implementation. Can you help? Federal Student Aid. How can I obtain my E interest statement? What are plans? There are two types of plans: Prepaid Tuition: Parents, grandparents, and other interested parties may lock in today’s tuition rates, and the program will pay out future college tuition at any of the state’s eligible colleges or universities or an equal payment to private and out-of-state institutions. I was contacted by a company that says they work with you, and that I may be eligible for loan forgiveness, is this true?

The Federal Trade Commission has a free educational website— Consumer. How do I apply for the one-time student loan cancellation? Can I get my loan discharged if my school closed? If you were on an approved leave of absence, you are considered to have been enrolled at the school.

Your school closes within days after you withdraw. You are not eligible for discharge of your loans if your school closes and any of the following is true: You withdraw more than days before the school closes. You are completing a comparable educational program at another school through a teach-out agreement with the school, by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school, or by any other comparable means.

You have completed all the coursework for the program, even if you have not received a diploma or certificate. Be sure to continue to make payments on your loan while your discharge application is being processed.

Find out what happens if your loan discharge is approved. Find out what happens if your loan discharge is denied. What are my options to get out of default? How do I get my loan cancelled due to disability? How can I find out about educational benefits under the GI Bill for veterans and their dependents?

How do I apply for Federal funding? How do I apply for federal grants and loans from the Department? Department of Education’s student financial assistance programs include: Grants: Financial aid you generally do not have to repay. What is Federal Work Study? How can I file a complaint related to Federal Student Aid? How can my higher education institution offer federal financial aid?

Can I have my loans forgiven? Medical Professionals may also be eligible for loan forgiveness through the National Health Service Corps. Department of Health and Human Services, offers registered nurses substantial assistance to repay educational loans in exchange for service in critical shortage facilities.

How can I get a Pell grant for school? Can I change my repayment plan? Where can I view my federal student loan and grant history, and find out where to make my loan payment? Grant Program Funding. Which grants are inviting applications for new awards? How do I know if I am eligible for a Federal grant?

How can I apply to be a grant reader for the U. Department of Education? How do I report fraud, waste, abuse, misuse or mismanagement of ED program funds? Higher Education. Accreditation How do I find out if the school I want to attend is accredited? How do I file a complaint against a college? Listed below is contact information for these issues: Office of the Inspector General investigates fraud, waste or abuse of federal educational funds, including federal student aid funds.

Federal Student Aid’s Ombudsman will help resolve issues regarding student loan complaints, by working with you and the lender. Office for Civil Rights OCR enforces several Federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance from the Department of Education. You may contact OCR at 1 or locate the enforcement office that serves your state or territory.

How can I find which colleges offer the program I’m interested in? What is the Higher Education Opportunity Act? How can I find a legitimate online or distance education program? Where can I find information on campus safety? How can I find information on the number of colleges, postsecondary degrees or faculty in the U.

International Education. Authentication I want to study abroad. How can I authenticate my U. I am from another country, but am interested in attending a university in the USA. Can you tell me about the admissions procedures? I have a diploma or degree that was awarded in another country.

How do I get my credentials evaluated? Where can I find information on studying abroad? I am from another country and am interested in studying in the United States. Where can I find information about the education system in the U. What steps do I need to follow to become certified and licensed to teach if I am moving from a foreign country?

What are the visa requirements for students? Information and assistance is available from the following sources: For information on student visa requirements, visit the U. Department of State Student Visa website. These centers advise prospective international students and other audiences on higher education and study opportunities in the United States. Non-Public Education. Homeschooling Does the U. Department of Education oversee home schooling for elementary and secondary school students?

What type of programs or assistance is offered through the U. Department of Education to private school students and staff? Department of Education to the non-public school community; Offering advice and guidance within the Department on all matters affecting non-public education; Communicating with national, State and local education agencies and associations on non-public education topics; Communicating the interests and concerns of the non-public school community to the Department; Providing parents with information about education options for their children; and Providing technical assistance, workshops and publications.

I am looking for an on-line K school that is approved by the Department of Education. Can you assist me with locating a program? How do I locate a private school in the U. In this lecture, Dr. Donald Miller will tell the epic tale of the longest, and possibly most decisive, campaign of the American Civil War. Grant and his invading army. By examining the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the Vicksburg campaign, Dr. Miller illuminates the campaign that split the Confederacy, opened the Mississippi River, brought over , slaves out of servitude, and pushed Grant into command of all of the Union Armies.

Peter Mansoor and his co-author, Dr. Williamson Murray, examine how culture impacts military organization and how officers make critical decisions on the battlefield. The lecture will explore the successes and failures of nations at war through sixteen case studies ranging from Victorian era belief systems to the Israeli military’s aggressive tendencies and ability to improvise. Mansoor will emphasize the impact of educational systems within a nation on how the military is run, and discuss debates about changing traditional institutions in the military today.

He will analyze how deep-seated cultural values and beliefs influence how Soldiers think and how they attempt to solve problems. The lecture will conclude by looking at how technology impacts the military and how failing to adapt to technology has serious consequences in the future.

Hours of operation will be Monday thru Saturday, ampm, and Sunday pmpm. Safety guidelines are in place to protect visitors and employees. Masks or face coverings are required to enter the building and are required when social distancing can’t be maintained within the building. Wipes and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility. We ask those who exhibit recognized symptoms of COVID to re-plan your visit for a time when it is safe for you to do so.

At this time, our Ridgway Hall Research Room remains closed to the public. Our outdoor exhibits are open.

If you plan to enjoy the Army Heritage Trail, please adhere to the recommended social distancing guidelines. For up to date information please visit our website at www. He demonstrated his expertise in military affairs through his ability to handle conflict, his humility, and his ability to work well with others. In his lecture, Dr. Virtual event Pre-Registration Required!

Rachel Lance, a biomedical engineer with expertise in the effects of explosions on humans, to live-stream a lecture via ZOOM to answer one of American history’s most haunting questions, “What sank the H. Hunley, after completing its deadly mission, sank from history until the year , when it was extracted from the depths of the Charleston Harbor, its crew of eight men still seated peacefully at their posts.

The night of February 17, , the Hunley, a hand-propelled submarine carrying a lb. The massive explosion sank the warship, making the Hunley the first submarine successfully used in combat.

The Hunley then immediately and mysteriously disappeared. In her book, Dr. Lance’s dogged and cutting edge research into the aftereffects of the explosion not only offers the explanation for why the submarine sank, but it also helps to provide critical information on the effects of explosions on today’s combat service members. It is an exhibition of commemorative Civil War era sculpture.

The center has selected eight pieces of sculpture from the Army Heritage and Education Center’s artifact collection that have never been exhibited together including: The Standing Lincoln by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, a magnificent bronze American Eagle, marble busts of Generals George B. McClellan and Ulysses S. Grant, and several Rogers Group statuettes. James McNally, curator of the exhibit. From Neoclassical Greco-Romanesque like sculpture carved in marble, to an era of ultra-detailed, more natural images cast in bronze.

Sculpture was no longer just for parks and museums. Through new sculpting processes and cheaper materials, sculpture became affordable for every Middle American household.

James McNally, Curator of Art, who developed this exhibit, states that through these works of arts: we begin to understand the life of Soldiers, the nature of war, and what America fights for. Wartime Occupation,” with Dr. Courtney A. Short combines extensive research with oral history accounts by both U.

Soldiers and Okinawans to explore racial constructions on the Japanese island of Okinawa amid wartime and post-World War II encounters. Viewers can participate in the question and answer portion of the presentation by emailing questions to usarmy.

After landing on the shores of Okinawa in , American military forces faced a unique situation: testing the loyalty to the Japanese Imperial Army of least half a million islanders. The American leadership conducted an in-depth analysis of Okinawan race, ethnicity, and identity in an attempt to understand and influence the allegiance of the Okinawans, shaping the wartime occupation policies of the American forces.

Short offers insights into how the Okinawan culture allowed the people of the island to maintain their identity while adapting to a new type of government. Short also demonstrates the ability of the American military to rationally assess and successfully address such variables as race, ethnicity, and identity in different cultures while also keeping in mind practical considerations, such as resources and battlefield conditions.

Thomas Bruscino. The lecture is based on a paper written by Dr. The overwhelming majority of senior leaders who led the United States to victory in World War II relied on world-class education and mentorship at the U.

Army War College. Making extensive use of the Army War College’s archival records at the U. Army Heritage and Education Center, Dr. He will offer insights into professional military education at the strategic level, interwar military reform, and the professional experiences of most of the senior leaders of World War II. Mark Sheftall of Bucknell University.

Popular culture has evolved to regard the First U. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment as flamboyant “cowboys,” easily forgetting the Rough Riders came from numerous backgrounds, including Native Americans.

Sheftall will explore how “Indian” Rough Riders’ depiction as classic pieces of Americana reveals the changing views of American identity. The First U. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment thundered onto the public scene after serving under Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War, quickly finding a place in American hearts as “cowboys” off to fight for their country.

Roosevelt, however, acknowledged the substantial contributions made by Native American members of the Rough Riders. Though relatively few in number, the Rough Riders’ Native Americans were integral to the Regiment’s image as icons of the frontier west, and by extension, of exemplary and quintessentially “American” qualities.

In recognition of the Department of Defense and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recommendations to not have large groups gathering, the U.

We are disappointed that we must cancel our most popular event. However, it is for the health and wellness of our thousand visitors that we host annually for this event. We look forward to seeing visitors again for Army Heritage Days in May of While we had to cancel many of our on-site events this spring, we have moved some of our lectures and other education programs online. Please follow us on social media or go to our website for more information about these virtual programs.

Army Soldiers directly impacted success in battle against Hitler’s Nazi forces. If the mail did not arrive, the Soldiers took a hit to morale, making postal services indispensable from the lowest private to the highest general.

On March 2, , the U. The screening will be at the U. Since the invasion of Fortress Europe in , warehouses across the United States and England brimmed with millions of packages, letters, and postcards addressed to servicemen and women from family, wives, husbands, girlfriends, and boyfriends. The mail, destined to raise the morale of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Red Cross workers, either sat undelivered or took a tour around Europe trying to catch up with the ever-chaotic movements of war-time personnel.

The War Department finally decided to bring the problem under control and sent the women from the th Central Postal Directory Battalion into training. The tireless efforts of the women of the th, despite discrimination and setbacks, led the War Department to recognize the WAC as an absolutely essential part of the war effort. Martin King on 4 March at PM. Both the German and American Soldiers suffered terrible casualties, but the Americans held out, a crucial part of the victory in what became known as the Battle of the Bulge.

On March 4, , at PM, the U. In December , Hitler launched the German army on a surprise attack against the advancing American lines in a desperate attempt to break out and to capture the city of Antwerp. The overwhelming German force was ultimately stopped by the gallant actions of often untested American units. King will use his own unparalleled knowledge, combined with personal interviews and extensive research, to present this lecture as an essential primer on the battle, including a look at the politics, the military decisions, and the Soldiers who fought desperately in the snowy fields, forests, and towns of the Ardennes in the bitter winter of On Wednesday, February 26 at p.

He will draw on his research of original Greek and Arabic sources used for his book. The lecture will be followed by a moderated discussion. Raymond Ibrahim is a book author and speaker on Middle East and Islamic topics. This series is designed to serve as an important step in evaluating differing perspectives, while encouraging open, professional dialogue on potentially opposing opinions. Army War College, or the U.

From Afghanistan to the offices of the Pentagon: U. Army historical documents to be accessible anywhere, anytime. Thanks to a large-scale digitization project now underway, the U. Army Heritage and Education Center will make its important, immense historical collection available instantly and easily to Army leaders, educators, veterans, students, and researchers anywhere in the world.

In the first year of the multi-year USAHEC project, newly digitized material is putting at anyone’s fingertips the historical materials that enhance understanding of the past and guide thinking about current and future national security issues. USAHEC will select material for digitization that will enable historically informed thinking about modernization, nuclear weapons, homeland security experiences, recruiting, social change, among others.

Now available Donn A. Paul L. Freeman, Jr. This will be a radical change in how military leaders, military students, and scholars can leverage our extraordinary collection. Bradley to the most junior Soldiers. When digitization makes these accessible anywhere, anytime, their thoughts, observations, and emotions will inform both the Army and the public.

As an organization deeply involved with both the Army and the public, USAHEC is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the men and women who have served their nation as Soldiers and to educating the military and the public on the important role of the Army in U.

John O. Voll to explore the nature of relationships throughout history between Islam and the West. The lecture is scheduled for Monday, February 10 at p. In contrast with the well-known story of Muslim-Christian military struggle, less well-known is the long history of Muslim-Christian alliances and cooperation, even in times of conflict. Voll will address the risk of misunderstanding broad generalizations when studying the history of clashes between Islam and the West.

He will focus his presentation on alliances and conflicts in the modern era, to include the history of the Anglo-Egyptian relationship and the enemy-ally transitions of the Sanusiyyah and the Anglo-American powers of World War II and the Cold War.

This moderated lecture with discussion is the third in the “Controversies in Military History Lecture Series.

February 8, from 10AM – 4PM. Have you ever wondered how reenactors and living historians started their hobby? Do you have questions about the day-to-day lives of Soldiers throughout history? If you are interested in the stories of Soldiers, then join the U. This free event is open to the public and will feature dozens of different living history organizations including over three hundred reenactors from all periods of U. Army and world military history. Reenactor Recruitment Day features hundreds of living historians representing Soldiers and other service members.

From pikemen and swordsmen of the 16th century, through Civil War cavalry, to Desert Storm medics, just about every Army time period is represented.

The event will also include allied and adversary units. Reenactors will be in period dress and have table displays where they will be available to answer any questions, talk about their equipment and materials, discuss their upcoming activities, and highlight the importance of reenacting as a way to keep history alive.

The 9th Annual Reenactor Recruitment Day is free and open to the public, including children of all ages. Hours for the book sale are Friday, Feb. Almond and the U. Lynch on 6 Feb 20 at PM. Edward M. Almond was one of the more controversial leaders in U. Army history, but his story is more nuanced than the legends indicate.

He commanded the 92nd Infantry Division—one of only two complete African American divisions formed during World War II—and led it through two years of training. He did so in a time when both the Army and American society were segregated, which presented training and stationing challenges.

Almond lived by the adage that “units don’t fail, leaders do,” but when the 92nd performed poorly in Italy in February , he asserted that it was due to their inferiority as a race. Michael Lynch to speak about his new book, Edward M. The Korean War brought more command opportunity and controversy for Almond. He led the X Corps during the Inchon landing, and successfully attacked into North Korea, but the Chinese counteroffensive in November changed the nature of the war.

The Almond legends address his tactical mistakes and heavy casualties at the Chosin Reservoir, but generally omit his successful evacuation of , American and Korean Soldiers and Marines, as well as , civilian refugees from Hungnam. Though he enjoyed more success after the evacuation, his abrasive personality and previous tactical mistakes overshadowed his accomplishments.

Lynch offers a thorough assessment of this flawed man, yet talented officer, by setting him in the context of his time, showing that he garnered respect for his aggressive leadership, courage in combat, and skill as a trainer. Daniel Vermilya on January 22, at PM.

As the smoke cleared and the funeral details recovered the dead from the blood-soaked soil of Pennsylvania farmland, Americans immediately began memorializing the sacrifice that Soldiers from both sides made at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Since those history-altering three days in July , Americans have erected nearly 1, monuments, markers, and memorials across the now-placid battlefield. While these monuments mark the battle lines of , they also tell us how Americans have remembered and commemorated the war in the years after the guns fell silent, often reflecting the changing tides of American history itself.

On January 22, , at PM, the U. Vermilya will highlight some of the Confederate monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield, discussing how their origins, dedications, designs, and accompanying controversies reflect how the causes and legacies of the Civil War have been remembered and commemorated.

In , he was awarded the Dr. Joseph L. Army War College, the U. Army, or the National Park Service. Army Soldiers and civilians live and work at installations named to honor Confederate soldiers.

Three of the Army’s largest and most prestigious posts – Forts Benning, Bragg, and Hood, honor soldiers who rebelled against the United States to create a new nation.

On January 9, , at PM, the U. Military Academy at West Point. BG Seidule will talk about the history behind the current debate over the memorialization of the Confederacy in the American armed forces. Army has ten posts named for military officers who fought for the Confederate States against the United States. Many have questioned why these posts continue to hold the names of former adversaries. The Army provided an official response in but the debate still carries on over what is considered appropriate memorialization.

Because no Navy, Air Force, or Marine base honors a Confederate officer, the Army faces the installation naming problem alone. His book Robert E. Lee and Me will be published in by St. The adapted hours are as follows:. The dancers will perform a wide array of ceremonial and social dancing techniques passed down through their culture for generations. The demonstration will include authentic dress, freestyle movements, and intense music, accompanied by vocals and flutes from the Northern Plains to complete the performance.

Throughout Native American history, dancing has always represented a major tenant of the culture, and such an opportunity to view traditional dance forms allows for a more complete understanding of Native American customs and heritage. The Red Blanket Native Pride Dancers’ mission is to “educate, inspire, motivate, and empower diverse communities to bridge cultural gaps through indigenous traditions.

A Scout must choose and execute a project proposal that demonstrates leadership to others and benefits a non-profit organization. As Christopher Adam sat in his honors history class, only three students raised their hands when the teacher asked about the D-day invasion. Adam knew from that point that something had to be done to make sure that current, as well as future generations, would know of the sacrifices that our service members made in freeing Europe during World War II.

His dream was to design, raise money, and oversee an exhibit that would honor Veterans by educating the public with the story of D-Day. Adam recognized that the majority of previous reflection on D-Day had focused on senior military leaders and wanted to highlight the individual Soldiers who faced the most danger while overcoming the obstacles in front of them.

The bronze statues he designed and the interpretive panels he created tell the story of selfless service by men who stormed the beaches of Normandy on that fateful day in June of One Soldier at a Time.

There will also be World War II re-enactors on-site with period equipment and vehicles. The Reenactor and equipment display areas will open at AM and the unveiling ceremony will begin at AM. In the waning and bleak months of , a young and naive George Washington trekked through the Ohio frontier on behalf of the British Crown to forge a diplomatic relationship with the French and Native Americans.

Washington knew this mission was a considerable honor and an opportunity for advancement to a full commission in the British Army. On Thursday, November 7, at p. Washington desired a commission as a British Officer, yet he never received the education offered to high-born Virginia men. He believed military merit was the path to attaining his goal.

In this lecture, Mr. The city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and Albany, New York in the United States are 3, miles apart across the globe, but for 70 years they have had a unique relationship as “sister cities” thanks to a small piece of Operation Market Garden and World War II.

On October 30, at 1PM, the U. Gavin and American soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division dropped into Holland during Operation Market Garden to capture a bridgehead near the city. They seized the bridge and liberated the city on September 20, As a result, the connection with the city grew stronger than just liberation alone. In , as Nijmegen struggled to recover from the Second World War, Albany sent a ship full of goods and building materials that were part of a larger relief effort.

Albany shops had special sections set aside for donations to Nijmegen. The cinemas screened a film about Nijmegen. Throughout Albany, even posters were hung with the call to ‘Adopt a family in Nijmegen. It emphasizes the importance of friendship in rebuilding whole European societies after war. Amid the stink of blood, the moans of wounded, and the detritus of battle, a Civil War battlefield surgeon sawed through the shattered remnant of a Soldier’s leg.

As he tossed the removed appendage into the nearby pit of other discarded limbs, another victim of the Battle of Second Manassas was placed on his grizzly operating table. The archaeological find sheds new light on how battlefield surgery took place during the American Civil War. At Manassas National Battlefield Park in , archaeologists monitoring a utility trench excavation observed bone fragments scattered across the soil. Archaeologists recovered the nearly-complete remains of two Union soldiers, along with eleven amputated arms and legs.

Rick Atkinson on Sep. In mid-January , Lord Cornwallis of the invincible British Army retreated from the New Jersey countryside after two years of epic struggle against up-start American rebels.

Atkinson combines personal stories, with the savage narrative of the first twenty-one brutal months of the Revolutionary War to give a new perspective on the fight for independence. In his new book, Atkinson describes the events and personal stories of the men and women fighting for control of the North American continent. He combines in-depth research on the politics of British sovereignty from the British Royal Archives, with the hard-scrabble personal accounts of American fighters, from the lowest private to the most powerful generals.

This first installment of a new trilogy on the American Revolution covers the causes of the war from the initial fighting at Lexington and Concord, General George Washington’s defeats near Boston and New York City, the triumph and tragedy of the campaigns in Canada, and concludes with Washington’s victories at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Rick Atkinson received his Masters of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago and worked as an editor and correspondent for the Washington Post for twenty-five years.

Atkinson received the Pulitzer Prize in for National Reporting, and has published numerous award-winning books spanning topics such as West Point and the war in Iraq.

On the night of August 4, , two American warships clashed with torpedo boats in the dark waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The “attack” rapidly pushed President Lyndon Johnson to escalate the tensions between the United States and the communist government of North Vietnam. By August of , the United States government had already sent over 23, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors to Vietnam as advisors and security for the South Vietnamese armed forces.

On August 4th, the rising tensions came to a head when American Naval forces were allegedly attacked by marauding North Vietnamese torpedo boats. On the 5th, American forces retaliated with airstrikes against military targets in North Vietnam, leading to a rapid escalation of tensions.

Congress and the president to put forth a resolution increasing the American presence to more than , troops. Looking at the most current evidence and personal interviews, Dr.

Was the escalation based on mistaken intelligence, or was it an excuse for increased American participation in the war? Army for recognition.

In , the U. Army Signal Corps sent women to France. They were masters of the latest technology: the telephone switchboard. General John Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Forces, demanded female “wire experts,” when he discovered that inexperienced doughboys were unable to keep him connected with troops under fire. Without communications for even an hour, the Army would collapse.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs, New York Times bestselling novelist, documentary filmmaker, and historian. She holds the Melbern G. She is the author of eight books and a winner of the Allan Nevins Prize. Cobbs uncovered the hidden story of the Hello Girls when searching for a topic to honor the centennial of the Great War. When she discovered no book had ever been written about these remarkable heroines, she began a journey that took her from Seattle to St.

Louis to Washington and New Hampshire to find lost government records and personal diaries still packed away as family heirlooms. In , she was appointed an honorary member of the U. Army Signal Corps. Cobbs fascinating book reveals the challenges these volunteers faced in a war zone, where male Soldiers welcomed, resented, wooed, mocked, saluted, and ultimately, celebrated them. They received a baptism by fire when German troops pounded Paris with heavy artillery.

Grace Banker, their year-old leader, won the Distinguished Service Medal. Army discharged the last Hello Girls in , the same year Congress ratified the Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote.

They began a sixty-year battle to be awarded benefits that a handful of survivors carried to triumph in James Hessler on Thurs. On July 2, , the once serene orchard of local Gettysburg farmer Joseph Sherfy was bathed in the blood that forever changed its name to the “Peach Orchard. Hessler to speak about his latest book, co-written with Britt C. Hessler will discuss the critical importance of occupying the high ground at the Peach Orchard and the influence of that action on the tactical decisions of commanders throughout the famed Battle of Gettysburg.

On July 2, , General Robert E. Hessler will explore this ferocious attack and defense of the Peach Orchard based on extensive primary sources and his personal knowledge of the terrain. Hessler will relate this microcosm of brutal fighting to the broader scope of the Battle of Gettysburg and will explore the controversial action that nearly lost this great battle for the Union Army.

James A. Jared Frederick on July 17, at P. Along the steep cliffs and thick, mazelike hedgerows of Normandy, American Soldiers broke Hitler’s “Fortress Europe” and flooded France with a new sense of freedom. The American public was glued to their newspapers and radios, awaiting updates from intrepid war correspondents covering the invasion from the front lines. Frederick will tell the story of D-Day, not from the perspective of historians or politicians, but rather through the voices of those who were there.

Using hundreds of reports, personal letters, and newspaper articles, Mr. Included with the accounts of Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, Dispatches of D-Day also explores the stories of clergy, civil rights advocates, and even children involved in the attack on the Atlantic Wall. Between and , Sergeant Frederick Counsel served his country with a brush rather than a rifle. One of his beautiful watercolors showcases a woman napping in vibrant green grass, as a G.

Another painting illustrates a sea of green uniforms marching through stunning colorful landscapes. Fast forward to , and the scenes are much drearier. The Korean War is depicted through black and white photographs of Soldiers bundled up from head to toe on a frozen tundra. Photo after photo shows the bleak, everyday life of combat among heavy equipment, firepower, and lots of snow. The Making of an American Army is a G.

Familiar scenes of Mess Halls and Barracks, along with fellow Soldiers, served as his subjects. All of the works are rendered in a free-flowing style with controlled, expressive colors. His work tells the story of when all America stood together, trained together, and served the country. Army Soldiers, who served in each of the phases of the Korean War. Light refreshments will be provided immediately following the ribbon cutting ceremony. Visitors will have a chance to view the new exhibits and talk to the curators and exhibit teams who made it all possible.

For more information, please visit www. In just a few short days the Army Heritage Trail at the U. This particular helicopter debuted at the Army Heritage Days event in , when it arrived on a tractor trailer and longed for a set of rotor blades that would help restore the Huey to its full potential.

During that weekend in , Russ Mowry, an original pilot of this particular helicopter, re-painted the nose art just as he had done in This year we are excited to announce that the Huey is flying and on the schedule to both land and take off each day on the Army Heritage Trail during the event.

The Liberty War Birds organization believes the Huey gives Vietnam Veterans the opportunity to reconnect through a very powerful, moving, and healing experience. Come check out the helicopter and talk to the organization that brought this piece of history back to life! Visitors can travel farther back in time strolling through 17th and 18th century sections of the Army Heritage Trail.

Here you can find period sutlers, tradesmen, and craftsmen showing their skills at blacksmithing, gunsmithing, tinsmithing, and hornsmithing. These craftsmen were all integral to the Army during the Colonial era. A crowd favorite, the Revolutionary War-era Light Dragoons are returning to demonstrate their mounted and dismounted tactics. In battle they would attack weak positions or the flanks of the enemy to try and cause confusion. Pick a side and cheer for your team as they demonstrate weaponry from the time period by sabering cabbages and lancing hay bales.

For a full schedule and more information, please visit the link below or call Make sure to follow CountdowntoAHD on our social media pages as more events are highlighted. Ranger on Omaha Beach. John V. The lecture follows the first person perspective from the 2nd Ranger Battalion and also features data from oral histories of four other men.

Despite losing most of his equipment, and half his men, Lt. Kennard and the remaining Soldiers made their objective at Pointe du Hoc and achieved their mission to take out the big German guns overlooking the Normandy beaches on that famous day.

Author John Kennard was a commissioned Lieutenant in the U. Army Armor Corps. He served in Germany until he was promoted to Captain and deployed to Vietnam in The second lecture, presented by Mr. Martin K. Martin is a renowned museum professional and author who has appeared on the Smithsonian Channel, The Military Channel, National Geographic Channel, and the list goes on.

With his experience and credentials he tells an enthralling story using the imagery of WWII. There will also be an increase of WWII re-enactors outfitted in period gear, giving visitors an idea of the weapons and materials a Soldier would have carried during the war and the vehicles they would have used.

For a full schedule and more information, please visit www. Make sure to follow CountdowntoAHD on our social media pages as more events are announced. Dickey on Thursday, May 2, , at PM. The campaign decimated the agricultural and economic heart of the Confederacy and relied on Sherman’s leadership. Dickey will talk about the pressures and challenges Sherman faced, his experiences in the Western Theater, and ultimately how the Atlanta and Savanah Campaigns helped to secure his infamous reputation well into the current century.

In this lecture, J. Dickey will look at how Sherman’s skillful and often brilliant campaigns have been viewed by over years of historiography and then delve deeper into his armies’ monumental effect on the politics and society of America. Sherman emancipated slaves, demonstrated the war-fighting skills of new immigrants, and marshaled the efforts of women in thousands of Soldiers’ aid societies. As Sherman himself was well aware, the social impact of his campaigns could not be divorced from his military strategy, and more than perhaps any Union general of the Civil War, he faced the scrutiny of an often hostile press corps and opposing politicians when he failed to deliver on either aspect.

This lecture will discuss the many competitive pressures Sherman faced and how he managed to craft a winning strategy that owed much to his insight, daring, and perseverance. Dickey has been writing American History narratives for 20 years, concentrating on society and culture.

Events will run both May 18th and 19th, from 9am to 5pm each day. See and hear the C transport which dropped paratroopers and supplies on the French countryside and towed gliders into the sky above Normandy. Of course, we will be bringing back old favorites such as the Veterans Meet and Greet, lectures by notable historians, the kid’s passport program, and informational programs by the reenactors on the Army Heritage Trail. As always, the event will also feature a used book sale in the Museum Store.

The event admission and parking are free and open to the public. For further questions, please contact James M. Scott on Wednesday, 17 April at pm. Almost three years later, as U. Standing in his way was a Japanese force bent on fighting to the death to prevent the Americans from retaking the Philippines.

On April 17th, , at PM, the U. Scott will discuss the day battle and the U. After the fall of the Philippines, the conquering Japanese forces systematically subjugated the islands, turning life into a daily struggle for American Soldiers in prisoner of war camps and daily atrocities for the Filipino people.

Navy, Marines, and Army gradually turned the tide in the Pacific, and MacArthur was prepared to make good on his promise to liberate the population and Soldiers trapped under the Japanese boot heel. Spy Ship. Army Army Reserve U. Navy Navy Reserve U. Navy Navy Reserve What is your service member’s current or highest rank?

Marine Band U. If you have selected a Federal Employment event, it is required that you upload a federal resume.

If you need tips on how to create your federal resume, please visit this USA Jobs link. Choose the User Type option that best describes you currently. Are you interested in attending the Networking Reception on August 26 from 5p. Are you interested in attending the Networking Reception on November 2 from 5p. Yes No. During the event, you will have the chance to meet with participating employers in small groups. Space Force. Please Select One U. Navy Navy Reserve. Demographic Information This information helps us better understand our audience.


Usajobs federal government official employee navigator islands. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


For more information on how to get a federal job, read here. Almost all federal job openings are listed through the official USAJobs website, which was created in to replace a paper-based system that required applicants to visit federal buildings to view job announcements. The website has gone through several redesigns and enhancements since that time to make the system more user-friendly.

According to an Office of Personnel Management official who spoke to Federal Times, USAJobs has between 6, and 10, job announcements posted at any one time, with some job listings attracting over a thousand applications each.

Creating a USAJobs profile first requires a login. The service, which requires two-factor authentication and encrypts user data from unauthorized access, was launched in early , just two years after the OPM data breach that exposed millions of government-held records.

Even if applicants have no other uses for a login. Those who already had a USAJobs account prior to the launch of login. The USAJobs profile then allows applicants to list their personal information — including demographics like race and national origin, which are used to track agency hiring data — and to either upload or build a resume. On top of search functions that turn up positions with a certain title or at a specific agency, USAJobs is also designed for users to be able to refine searches by pay, grade, appointment type and work schedule.

The site is also designed with hiring path icons to represent the different types of applicants the positions are open to. A blue icon with three heads on it means that the position is open to the public, for example, while a green icon with a shield means that it is open to veterans. Many jobs have several icons at once, meaning that a position could theoretically be open to current and former federal employees, veterans and military spouses but not the general public.

Some highly sought-after positions may also have specific landing pages for interested applicants. Due to the COVID pandemic, the site currently has a page dedicated entirely to pandemic response positions.

According to the OPM official, the agency plans to have a cyber-specific jobs page available early in the fiscal year. Each job may require different documents, such as a cover letter, transcript or proof of current federal employment. They felt that they were fair and gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. Once an application has been submitted with all of the required documentation listed in the job posting, the status of that application is listed on the USAJobs profile.

Some agencies send notification when an application has been received and reviewed, but these are not mandatory. Applicants that are chosen for interviews are notified directly by the hiring manager, at which point the type and number of interviews depends on each agency policy.

A final job offer is made after the applicant has cleared the requisite security checks. By Jessie Bur. Aug 16, Most federal positions across the government are listed on a single federal hiring site, making USAJobs the core of the federal hiring process.

About Jessie Bur. In Other News. National Park Service accused of violating federal labor law The American Federation of Government Employees represents , workers in the federal government. Congressman wants to halt California aquarium money after lobster spat The aquarium runs Seafood Watch, a conservation group that makes sustainability recommendations for seafood consumers. How will getting married impact my federal retirement plan?

Reg Jones is the resident expert on retirement and the federal government at Federal Times.


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