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Usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics
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The step includes /26388.txt sections from the resume template. The “level” is the proficiency required by the occupation: scale of List any professional development that better prepared you узнать больше здесь work tuhorial the management field such as leadership training, employee development workshops and business management courses. Image: Application Summary page for applications that fail prescreening.


Usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics


This topic discusses how applicants complete an online job application. These videos demonstrate Fluid Candidate Gateway, including the job application process:. PeopleSoft HCM 9. Note: External applicants must sign in before starting a job application.

Жмите system prompts applicants to sign in if necessary. The Activity Guide shows the steps in the application process and provides navigation buttons for proceeding through the steps. Start Page. Review notices and accept any terms and conditions. If none exist, this page does not appear. Terms and Conditions Page.

Review any terms or conditions that must be agreed to before continuing the application. Prequalify Page. Prequalify Results Page. Review prescreening results when the applicant fails prescreening for at least one job. Resume Page. Supply resume and cover letter attachments for the application. Use Existing Resume Page. Select a previously submitted resume usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics associate with the job application. View a resume that was pasted into an application.

Applicants cannot paste resumes into applications in Fluid Candidate Gateway, but they can use pasted resumes from applications that were started in classic Candidate Gateway. Enter application data using steps that are defined on the resume template.

These are the sections that can be configured to appear:. Attachments Section. Job Preferences Section. Education History Section. Work Experience Section. Job Training Section. Profile-Related Sections such as languages or competencies. References Section. Personal Information Section.

Questionnaire Section. Referrals Section. Enter attachment information and initiate the file upload process. Enter U. Federal priority placement information. Enter details about a profile-based qualification. Enter name and contact details for a reference. Enter community background information for Northern Ireland. USA Disability Page. This page supports compliance with regulations from the U. USA Veteran Page. Department of Labor. USA Diversity Page.

Enter gender and ethnicity information for equal employment opportunity reporting in the United States. To access this page, applicants click the Explain link next to either of the questions on the Diversity page. The page title and content depend on which Explain link is clicked.

Review and Submit Page. Review application data and submit an application. My Contact Information Page. External applicants use this page to review and update name and contact information before submitting an application.

Internal applicants can review this information, but they cannot make any changes because the information comes from HR records. Application Confirmation Page. View a confirmation привожу ссылку an application has been successfully submitted, and review online screening results for job openings that include results messages for online screening.

Application Summary Page. The Activity Guide shows a list of application steps in the left panel and the page that corresponds to the current step in the right panel. The Activity Guide also provides navigation buttons in the page banner. Image: Activity Guide framework for job applications. This example illustrates the Activity Guide framework within which the job application pages appear.

Image: Activity Guide framework for small form factors. This example illustrates the Activity Guide framework on a small form factor device. In the first image, the step list is hidden. In the second image, the step list is exposed. Note: Throughout this topic, the page illustrations usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics sections of the job application without the context of the Activity Guide step list.

Even though the Activity Guide framework is not illustrated, remember that all job application steps appear within that framework. The blue area at the top of PeopleSoft pages is called the page banner. In other PeopleSoft applications, the banner displays several standard icon buttons.

On most Candidate Gateway pages, internal applicants see the standard set of banner icon buttons. However, in the job application Activity Guide, only the Notification and Actions Что usajobs resume builder freecell freecell моему icon buttons are visible. Clicking this button exits the application. If the applicant has not moved past the Start step, the system does not save the application.

Otherwise, the system saves the application before exiting, and the application appears on the My Job Узнать больше здесь Page page as an unsubmitted usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics. The applicant can resume the application later. Clicking this button saves changes to the current step and navigates to the previous step or substep.

The button is not visible on the first step адрес страницы the application. Clicking this button saves changes to the current step and navigates to the next step or substep. If any required information is missing on the current step, a message appears, and the applicant must provide the missing information before continuing to the next step. On the last step of usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics application the Review and Submit stepthe Next button is replaced by a Submit button.

This button appears only on the Review and Submit step. Speed usain m/s bolt applicant clicks this button to submit the application. Applicants cannot make any further changes to an application that has been submitted. To provide an updated application, the applicant can re-apply. If нажмите для деталей site is configured not to allow multiple applications for a job opening, the applicant can withdraw the original application before reapplying.

Applications that have been submitted appear on the My Job Applications page with the status Submitted. Selecting this option saves an in-progress application without moving to a new page or exiting the application.

Saving as draft before moving past the Start Step does читать больше create a draft application because there is no application information to save.

Note: The Exit, Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше, and Next buttons appear as icon buttons on small form factor staffing login onboarding processed and as text buttons on larger form factors.

The Submit button is a text button on all devices. A gray area under the main детальнее на этой странице banner displays contextual information usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics is specific to the job application. Displays the posting title of the job. Clicking the posting title displays a pop-up window with the job title, location, and job ID.

If the application usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics for multiple jobs, the text indicates the number of jobs in the application, and the pop-up window lists information about each job. If an applicant fails prescreening for a some of the jobs in a multi-job application, the system removes those jobs from the list of job openings. If the applicant applied without selecting a job, the applicant sees the text You have not selected a job. Therefore, these devices display a progress indicator in the page header.

The progress indicator consists of:. A progress bar that gets filled in as the applicant completes steps. Text that indicates the current step number and the total number of steps—for example, Step 3 of 5. The Activity Guide framework includes a panel that lists the usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics in the job application process.

This panel appears on the left on devices other than small form factor devices.


Usajobs resume builder tutorial gateway classics.USAJOBS Resume Builder

How to build a resume. To build a resume in USAJOBS: Sign into USAJOBS. Go to your Documents. Make sure you’re in the Resumes section and select the Upload or build resume . How to build a resume. To build a resume in USAJOBS: Sign into USAJOBS. Go to your Documents. Make sure you’re in the Resumes section and select the Upload or build resume . How to create a resume. You can create a resume in two ways: Build a resume using our Resume Builder. Upload a resume that you already have. When applying to a federal job, .

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