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A panel of judges comprising of Sri Srinivas kulkarni and Sri Ramesh Kulkarni went round the classes and assessed each class and awarded points for each criteria. Photos taken during the assessment were incorporated in the form of a presentation. Students received the prestigious banner which will be placed in front of the class.

It was a proud moment to cherish for all those who have contributed to the success in their own ways. This was done as part of Gandhi Jayanthi briefing. The speech was based on a recent article by Illa Gandhi, one of the grand daughters of Gandhiji on “What Bapu will be doing if he continues to live amidst us. What clothes will he wear? Where will he live? Which crops will he cultivate? Will he use Wallet? Will he wear seat-belt? Will he promote Naturopahty? Will he use Organic products?

The core values which Bapu stood for till his last breath such as time-management, Vegetarianism and concern for Human being were highlighted. In the senior assembly, students were also urged to refrain from not posting any evil in the social media as that would be the message of the 4th monkey of Gandhiji, if he lives today.

In her concluding remarks, the Principal reiterated the need to imbibe great values in order to take the nation to greater heights. For the past ten years Education world magazine has been publishing the Annual education World India School Rankings with the C fore — the well known Delhi based market research and opinion polls agency. Tamil Nadu. Around schools participated in this competition. Our team of 16 students participated in this competition in the Under 17 category.

Our team lost in the Quarter-Final round. Different videos on developing Good Habits, Goal Setting were shown to the children to reflect. The Oath taking ceremony presided by the Principal bestowed upon the council members their new roles and responsibilities, while the outgoing councils was thanked for their service by giving a certificate and memento.

She also gave the Subhashi Award to the students. In the evening children were overloaded with anxiety and excitement as the four houses competed against each other in an inter-house drama competition.

The participants comprised of students from Class 8 to Vishwamitra house showcased a play that was based on the 6 Vikaras. Vashishta house brought out values through the tales of Akbar and Birbal.

Valmiki house touched the hearts of its viewers through a family drama. Around 35 schools participants under various categories participated in this competition. Mahendra 11 Sc , Mayank Gilada 12 Sc. Mahendra, Mayank Gilada of Under 19 category secured the 4th position. The winners were awarded a cup and all students received certificates. Around 15 schools 38 participants under various categories participated in this competition. Mahek Agarwal 11 Mgt participated in the Under 19 category and secured the 1st position.

She was awarded with a gold medal and certificate. Around 36 schools participated in this competition. The competition was held under two different categories namely- semi-classical and folk. Our school participated in both the categories. True to the name, battle of Brains is a quizzing event that rattles your brain.

More so, when a team needs to retain supremacy of winning the title for the third time, the pressure is even more higher. They held on to their nerves and with a calculated and cautious approach, they sealed their spot. The team received merit certificates, books and medals.

The quiz had 6 rounds. Starting from the greatness of Saint Thiyagaraja to the incident involving Rosa park, a wide range of topics were covered in the quiz.

A right mix of Trivia and googlies added more vibrancy to the event. Around 45 schools participated in this competition with 2 participants under each category. The competition was held under 2 categories namely, Junior level for students of classes 6 to 8 and Senior level for students of classes 9 to Reshmika S.

Karthik M. Rangarajan’s trademark questions made the quizzers to experience fluctuating fortunes as the quiz unfolded. They secured a cash prize of Rs. The other team comprising of Irith and Yohan received participation certificates. Gokul Raj Memorial quiz is a premier annual quiz which is held in the memory of a quizzing prodigy. CIRS was represented by 4 teams.

Being the defending champions, CIRS took part in the event with high hopes and aspirations. Students were asked to choose a marvel character which in turned determined the question that would go to each team on the stage.

As marvel characters determined the question, it was a marvelous experience. In the finals, they secured 2nd place in the event. The team received merit certificates besides a cash prize of Rs.

Our school participated in the 42nd Sahodaya Interschool Yogasana competition which was held on 17th July at the Maharishi Vidyamandir School, Coimbatore. Around 65 schools participants under various categories participated in this competition.

Bhavika Bazaz of 7B secured the third position in the Under 19 category and was awarded with a bronze medal and certificate. Two IP teachers Mrs.

Saranya and Mrs. Dhivya from CIRS attended the workshop. This two day workshop was very useful where the resource persons provided the Python handouts and interactive practical session were also organized which helped us to have an insight about the new syllabus.

Over all, it was an enriching experience. Around 27 schools participants under various categories participated in this competition. Aswath IX — B and S. Sukesh XI — Science secured the 2nd position in the Under 16 category and added yet another feather in their cap and bought laurels to the school. The Science Olympiad Foundation had conducted the second level olympiad English during the month of February.

Few of our students secured merit certificates and prizes. They have been awarded merit certificates. Ojas Krishnan has secured the 4th rank and he has been awarded with a merit certificate and a smart touch lamp with a bluetooth speaker.

Mathematics week was filled with a plethora of interesting activities that engaged students from all grades and those students in Shishu-vatika. Inspired by the story of Shakuntala Devi presented by a student, the students were ready to take on the week and gain as much knowledge that they could gain with the resources denied to the Mathematical prodigy. Points were awarded to the houses by each stationed teacher based on their level of success in the activity.

The students enjoyed all the Mathematics games at each station, working together and assigning roles to succeed in each round. This show provided the platform for the students to showcase their talents in Mental Maths. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Later in the day the students of Shishu-vatika had an interactive quiz which had a good reception by the young students.

After the prelims, 20 teams were chosen to take part in the semi -finals. Rayan Chatterjee and Sowmya Khemani of std V 2. During the rapid- fire round, our team answered all the questions. They secured the 2nd position in the event. They received individual trophies, certificates and medals. It is noteworthy to mention that Rayan Chatterjee was appreciated by the quiz anchor for his lightening fast answers.

Arnav Saraf and Jigyaasa Bothra of std V received consolation prize for having advanced to the semi finals. The students of grade 7th and 8th performed a yogasana session early morning at 5. The session was opened by a set of warm up exercises and stretches which helps the circulation of the blood and fluid in the body.

It was followed by surya namaskar sun salutation. This year, the orientation program was scheduled for three days educating the new faculty members and reminding other members of CIRS family about the goals and the responsibilities of their position and the vision of the organisation. The activities included were trekking in the hillock, water games, bungee jump and other fun games in and around the campsite. It was a truly relaxing and rejuvenating session for all the staff members to start the year with.

How do we get this inner strength? Swamiji explained the power of Meditation and how it helps to face to the storm. Face the storm with courage and self-confidence and become stronger then the storm itself.

After gaining that knowledge, that power, that wisdom, bring in that performance in all our actions through which our students get motivated to storm to perform. The second session for the day was preceded by Madam Sandipa on “21st Century Skills”.

She clearly elucidated the need and the importance of inculcating the necessary skills in the children that are being demanded by the 21st century society. She gave an insight in bringing in the 4 Cs — Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity in the teaching learning program.

Thus, it was an illuminating session by Madam Sandipa. In the next session, Mr. Satish HOD of Dept of Sciences briefed on the new format of the lesson plan which is going to be online hence forth. At the end of the session, each department prepared and presented two lesson plans in their respective subjects.

CIRS has been a finalist in this quiz for the last 2 years in a row. They cleared the prelims with a score of The final was a nail- biting event as the difference between the first and second place was not more than 1 point.

Our team won a cash prize of Rs. Suryanarayanan, the seasoned quiz master from Catalyst conducted the quiz which had 6 rounds. An Antakshar programmei with the aim of rhythmic interaction was organized on The melody was sensational as was the electric atmosphere at the amphitheatre. All the children participated with a lot of enthusiasm and involvement.

It was a grand successful event with the 12 grade girls winning the competition. Towards the end of the programme all the students together tapped their feet to songs ranging from Arabic to patriotic to Bollywood. A group of thrilled eleventh and twelfth graders, bubbling with curiosity, set out for a walk on 21st April at am in the morning. After a refreshing cup of milk, the students walked along the road and finally reached the woods led by Mrs. Dhivya, Mr. Shiva Shanmugham and Mr.

Even while walking on a path that had both ups and downs, the students never got tired but refreshed after the minute walk. They finally reached a delightful reservoir where they had a reviving bottle of juice. After a short break under a shady tree planted by our late-former president Dr.

Abdul Kalam, the students set out towards the Amman Temple. After offering their prayers to the Amman, they walked back to the school, cherishing the wild memories of their walk. The objective of the Trust is to spread the beauty, knowledge and application of Mathematics to people of all ages. Exploring new concepts, solving complicated problems and above all interacting with mathematically talented individuals from all around the country were some of the many aspects of this camp.

The sessions started off with the introduction to the concepts given by Euler – a great mathematician of the 18th century. The sessions extended to almost 11 hours a day. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Vinay, Mr. Hariharan, Mr. Bhas Bhamre, Mr. Atul and other renowned mathematicians from around the globe. The students were divided into groups named after some great Indian mathematicians after the time of Ramanujan.

They were also introduced to other branches that involved Mathematics such as Quantum Physics, Cryptology and many more. Overall, the camp was a wonderful experience not only in terms of learning but also in terms of socialising with people who love Mathematics.

The IB students of the Second Year were given an experience of understanding the various aspects of ART through a much awaited retreat which began on Saturday, May 18, at in the evening and went through the night on to am Sunday May 19, Through an activity packed evening, the students were given an overview of the various considerations of Art as an area of knowledge. In the first activity, the students had to place a thing which could be considered as an art piece inside a circle drawn at the centre of the amphitheatre.

Each student had the liberty to remove the things which was not an art piece in their opinion or put it back. This activity helped the students to distinguish between art and craft. Following the activity, a briefing was given about the various art styles practiced by ancient India and the changes brought in art by the British. Based on this information a group activity was conducted. Each group was given an art style as a topic. They had to click random pictures in the amphitheatre, collage them and connect it to the art style given to them as their topic.

It was an interesting activity as each group came up with a fascinating collage and a story behind it. After the activity an auction game was held wherein each group betted their points. Two images were presented and the possible correlations were put up as options. Each group had to stake their points on one of the options. This helped the students understand the Ways Of Knowing that were used in making a choice in the game.

Other activities included fashion show wherein each group was given a theme based on which the students dressed some of their group members. The fascinating part of this activity was that each was given a pile of newspapers and using them they created patterns and dresses for their models.

This helped them unleash their creativity and perspective towards materialistic glamour. The students were also asked to create a skit based on an image shown. This activity helped them develop an understanding of the various perspectives that an artwork needs to be viewed with.

Later, four music and four advertisements were presented to the students. This activity was conducted in the form of a game. This involved a lot of debates and opinions and finally the teams made fair assessment. The students went for a night walk where they heard sounds produced by the various insects, the soft rustling of the leaves and their own murmurs.

It was a silent, black and white movie which gave a different experience altogether. The interesting part of the movie was that it was released in the year and was based on the life of actors of the 20th century. Overall, the students not only had a learning experience, but also enjoyed the entire procedure. On the afternoon of 16th May between pm to pm, Mrs. She gave a brief introduction on the history of fashion and showed her interesting fashion illustrations to the students. Though the session was short it was very informative.

The students got a brief understanding of fashion designing as a career. They got introduced to how a fashion illustration is done. They alsorealised that research is needed for their work to have more substance. The session was named “Multi-flavoured quiz”. It was held between 7. Students were seated grade-wise. This was done to encourage active participation. On the whole, 60 questions of varying difficulties were shot. Audio visual questions were aimed at testing the greatness of Indians who had made outstanding contribution in their chosen fields.

The quiz had two rounds. Round 1 was anchored by Swarna maam and round 2 was anchored by Diwakar sir. Even though there was a provision to pass the questions, the participants saw the event as a battle of prestige and tried their best to answer the question. On the whole, the session was highly interactive. Many of them were on their toes. It gave the students an opportunity travel an extra mile in pursuit of knowledge.

Rajeshwari, the officiating Principal, summed up the session. Selvam helped the students in giving an insight about the temple. He gave them valuable knowledge and understanding of the temple history and its construction. Later the students visited the Saraswati Library and the Thanjavur Palace.

After a good Thanjavur meal, The students visited the Dharasuram Temple and a silk weaving place in the evening. They saw with curiosity how light from the Nandi reflected on the Shiva Lingam. The students then visited the place where they saw the process of the lost wax method used in order to create beautiful, intricate Bronze statues and also the process of Thanjavur painting.

After gaining knowledge and enjoying their stay in Thanjavur, students left for Coimbatore by train and reached school by about pm. Every student and teacher attuned themselves with the higher as they performed the pooja with utmost devotion.

From a haunted room to exciting games, students, in groups, went around 8 stations set up by some of their own peers and got to witness different ideas and participate in versatile activities. Each station provided a solution to improve our performance in the game of life. The result was a school full of fatigued but inspired students and teachers. The evening had its own surprise. Instead of the regular visual treat, the ears were in for a feast. In front of twelve hundred keen eyes, a small band of aspiring musicians, led by their music masters, performed a variety of musical compositions in the name of our Guru.

Their music was about the best of both worlds, the east and the west. The students worked tirelessly to create this cultural bonanza as a show of love for our Guru. As the music interwove the subtle slokas of Sanskrit, instrumental solos and English melodies, the souls and minds of all rested after a hectic day.

This day, all in all, will remain fresh in the memories for a very long time. It was performed under the guidance of Swami Anukoolananda. A schedule was made for the research work which lasted for more than 25 days. The response from the students was immense and more students took part as the committee delegates and about more students participated in various roles like, Administrators, Art Team Members, Logistics Team Members and so on.

On the whole it provided a rich experience to all those who were involved in it. Though it was a maiden attempt by the school to organize a Model United Nations conference, it emerged as a huge successful event with the blessings of Gurudev Chinmayananda, Guruji Tejomayananda, Swami Swaroopanandaji and Swami Anukhoolananda, the Resident Director.

The guidance and support given by the Director — Academics and Admin, Mrs. Shanthi Krishnamurthy and the officiating Principal Mrs. Rajeswari shall always be remembered. The committees were as follows:. Following students constituted the secretariat and the chairs of different committees. The Cricket quench started with the trailers of each team being presented in the assembly for the full school. The feeling of sportsmanship dwelled in every CIRSian supporting their teams. The banners made and the Jerseys designed by each team stood class apart and was well appreciated by everyone.

It was inaugurated by our beloved Swami Anukoolanada and our officiating Principal Mrs. Rajeshwari Sathish. A lot of new children participated enthusiastically in this tournament. Eight different teams participated in the tournament in 4 different categories. The matches were conducted for two days in two sessions. Our school physical education teachers were the referees for the tournament.

The tournament provided a platform for students to come as one, for their house and compete. House points were added to the respective houses that won. CIRS general elections are held every year to elect the class representatives.

Every class room turns into a constituency and every student turns into a voter. This hands-on democratic exercise gives the learners an opportunity to experience the essence of democracy. In the morning assembly, a power point presentation was shown on the procedures involved in conducting the elections. NCC cadets were deployed to ensure that the election process took place in a smooth way. NCC cadets placed the election kit in every class. After the polling got over, they collected the ballot boxes to the Maths lab where the counting of the votes took place.

Class teachers and assisting class teachers played a key role in every stage of the election starting from the nomination to the counting of votes. The results of the election were announced in the assembly. In some classes, the result was neck and neck while in some other classes candidates won by a huge margin.

A team of poll observers comprising of Smt. Rajeshwari, the officiating Principal and Sanatan Chaitanya visited each and every constituency and took stock of the poll scenario. They appreciated those who spoke confidently. A team of student photographers covered the creative posters and slogans which were seen in the bulletin boards of the class rooms. During the campaigning, the candidates spoke about the changes that they would bring in their respective classes. It was heartening to see the contenders focussing on what they would contribute to make their class secure best class award.

Election speeches were precise, pointed and it reflected the core values that the candidates stand for.

The basketball Tournament was conducted on the 22nd and 23rd April, It was inaugurated by Swami Anukoolanandaji and Madam Shanti. The tournament was conducted separately for boys and girls under Senior and Super Senior categories.

The results of the tournament are as follows. Hanuman Jayanti is the pious day on which Sri Hanuman descended on earth in order to serve the purpose of his eternal master, Lord Ram. The day started with an enlightening culture talk which stated the importance of Lord Hanuman. The students were told to write japa of hanumanji which was later made into a mala. The students were told to keep hanuman close to their hearts throughout the day. The celebration started in the afternoon with a puja to Lord Hanuman and Swami Anukoolananda ji explained the salient significance of Hanuman Jayanti.

Following that the students of CIRS were chanting Hanuman chalisa for 54 times in various allotted batches. In the evening special aarati was organized for our children. With lot of excitement the students were gathered in MPH. The program was started with puja and bhajans dedicated to Lord Hanuman. A beautiful backdrop was which displayed the Ramayana was put up by the art department. Thus the celebration came to an end filling the hearts of the students with great reverence to Lord Hanuman.

Civic pulse is an initiative through which issues of utmost day to day importance are discussed. The module has been designed in such a way that the student body will first listen to a basic talk which is followed by a question answer session. The presentation revolved around the need to be cautious in using social media failing which the user will be in trouble.

Videos pertaining to how the FB CEO was confronted in the Singapore parliament owing to the issue of sharing of data with Cambridge Analytica was shown. An appeal was made to the students to ensure that their digital foot prints are not controversial and anti-national.

On the whole , the students participated with a great deal of enthusiasm. It was heartening to see that many of them have a higher degree of knowledge on a wide range of issues that were discussed in the course of the talk. Swami Anukoolanandaji, the mastermind behind this initiative , graced the occasion with his benign presence. This was the exact thought in the minds of all students as we were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Pujya Swami Mitranandaji.

A session was organised on along with our senior most students where varied topics of importance were discussed. Questions about global issues, world events, stereotypical problems and many more were asked with a force and answers rebounded with double speed.

Thus the session ended with lots of valuable inputs and Swamiji became the inspiratio of many. This was followed by a traditional and an aromatic lunch served by Sodexo on banana leaves, spreading a whiff of South Indian meals in the air.

The students dressed up in their traditional dress for this special lunch, a feast which had food items consisting of roughly equal proportions of salty, sweet, sour and bitter items. In the evening, the CIRS family was treated with a wonderful cultural program organized by the senior school. The event started off with a traditional Kerala dance followed by silambam- a traditional Tamilian dance form.

The day’s celebration ended with a wonderful play that narrated the story of Velu Nachiyar, the first queen to fight the Colonial rule in British India. Thus, an auspicious and a memorable evening marked the entry of CIRS into another year of joy and happiness.

All the students assembled at the MPH for the celebration of His birth. Swami Anukoolananda Ji explained the significance of the birth of Sri Rama. He revealed the greatness of His love towards His devotees. Swamiji exclaimed Lord Rama as the Ideal of Life. There was a Pooja performed. What could be a better way to express our devotion to the lord than chanting his name? There was a Nama Jepa from 5.

There was a special Arati in the evening wherein the children performed and dedicated the entire show to Lord Sri Rama. It was a unique program comprising of two battles, namely – a singing competition between the 9th and 10th grade, and a dance faceoff between the 11th and the 12the graders.

The vibrant musical and dance performances set the mood of the audience seated in the multipurpo. The judges indeed had a hard time choosing the winners and finally the 10th and the 12th graders bagged the prize.

Thus Ramanavami was celebrated bringing Bhagavan Sri Rama in the hearts of everyone. BLPS uses storybooks and storytelling to make children want to read. Contextual activities are also used to reinforce learning. On 11th March, at 3 p. Rajeswari, at MPH. Bhagirathy, a theatre actor and a story-teller, Ms.

Srishtika, an award winning poetess, and Ms. Merrin, a theatre artist. She has also written children’s picture book like ‘I want to see a tiger! Marva, a travelling storyteller, who has written a children’s book “Foodie from out there” and multiple short stories. Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated with great enthusiasm at CIRS.

On the evening of 20th March, the Dronacharya field was lighted up for a wonderful show. Before the program was started, Puja was offered to Lord Krishna. The story was narrated in an exceptional way, enthralling and holding the audience. With the power of their voice and the acting talents, the students were able to conjure a mood and created a sense of devotion bringing to life the entire story among the audience.

Prasad was distributed. Students were assembled in Dronacharya. Every child was provided with the color packets individually and the children enjoyed the celebrations of Holi to the core. The colors on everyone indicated the oneness. In the evening, there was special arathi. A cultural skit was put up by the 11th grade students.

The program witnessed the fusion of the famous story of Prahalad with ideas which were related to contemporary problems that our country faced. The skit was set up in the contemporary world were Prahalad and Munna a representative of the evil king Hiranyakasipu were contesting for elections. It was a classic example of a battle fought between good and evil were good triumphs in the end.

Similarly, Prahalad ended up winning the elections because of his pure intentions in providing service to the people of this country. The day started with the mrithyunjaya Havan for the junior and the senior school children. The children participated with complete devotion and dedication in the Havan. Each of them were blessed to do Abhishek for lord Shiva. They were engrossed in chanting different shlokas of lord Shiva.

Prasad was distributed to them in the end. There was a special Arati in the evening. The Arati was filled the hearts of the children with devotion. Then came the most awaited Mahashivaratri Pooja at The children were continuously chanting the name of the Lord and the Pooja was performed to the Great God. The Maha Arati at M was one delightful and blissful scene of the day.

The Maha Shivarathri enlightened and illuminated the knowledge of the great truth in everyone. CIRS is known for many processes and systems that aim at evaluating and appreciating the inherent potential of the students at large. Ever since it took off, it has captured the attention of the students who want the special “Prefix” before their class.

This award carries with it a lot of significance as it recognizes the over-all ambience of the class to which each student needs to put in his or her best efforts. The first phase of the award got over in October – The second phase of the assessment was done in the second week of January- A well laid out criteria was shared with the students.

A team of judges was constituted and it comprised of Smt. Manjula and Smt. The judges went around the junior block and observed the salient features as well as the areas where there is a scope for improvement. Based on the points awarded in every segment, the points were consolidated to ascertain where each class stands with regard to each assessment criteria as well the class that stands apart in the over-all points. Swarna Kamakshi showed a presentation in the junior assembly through which she shared the points secured by each class under each criterion.

This evoked cheers and jubilation from all sections audience as they came to know that every aspect has been noticed and acknowledged. She also compared the points secured by each class with regard to their scores in the first assessment. Class representatives reached the stage in no time to receive the award.

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Usa today sudoku puzzle answers ukg prodigy –

always always always In the audience round too, our students were on their toes answering questions to They memorised the states and capitals name of India through a game. Today, teachers from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, China, and even non-English speaking countries like Russia.


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