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A car accident is a stressful experience, especially if you end up in the hospital. In the flurry of activity that often results, it can be hard to think about what to do besides take care of yourself and your passengers. While that is the most important thing, there are a few other steps you should take after an accident to make sure that important evidence is documented for any insurance claim you file.

Figuring out who was at fault may require a detailed investigation of who was driving, if they were working at the time in which case an employer may be liable , any vehicle defects, if drugs or alcohol were involved, and the accident scene itself. They will investigate who is at fault in the accident and make sure the percentage of liability matches up with what actually happened so that you can recover as much as possible.

You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible after an auto accident. If your insurance company is USAA, you can submit your claim and any photos online or through its app.

However, be careful not to provide your insurance with a recorded statement without first consulting with an injury attorney. The terms of your insurance policy determine how long you have to report a car accident. For some policies, if you fail to report within the stated period of time, you may lose the right to recover damages. In Texas, the insurance company must accept or deny your claim within 15 days of getting all the necessary information.

If your claim is accepted, the insurance company is required to pay you within five business days. If your claim is rejected, they must let you know why. It can take time for an insurance company to gather all of the information needed to make a determination — and they may try to stall to delay any payout. They know exactly what a company like USAA needs to make a final determination on a claim and will work to get them that information as quickly as possible.

Watch these video testimonials. Texas allows you to file both an insurance claim and a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. In some instances, the time frame may be shorter or longer. Most basic USAA insurance policies pay medical bills and property damage, though you may have a policy with more insurance coverage. The damages you can receive in an accident insurance claim typically cover medical bills and property damage. The actual amount you receive will depend on a variety of factors, including the extent of the damage to your vehicle, the severity of your injuries, and what percentage you are at fault.

Damages will also depend on the insurance coverage of both parties and the evidence and documentation you provide to support your claim. Insurance companies will typically do whatever it takes to avoid paying damages, from delaying a review of your claim to arguing that you were more at fault than you were. They may also try to get you to settle quickly with a lowball offer. The best way to protect yourself is to work with an attorney who will do the talking and negotiating for you.

A lawyer will make sure that your interests are represented, that you get a fair deal, and that you recover as much compensation as possible for the accident.

If your case needs to go to trial, the right attorney can even help you litigate the case in court. Contact us for a no cost consultation.

Our accident claim lawyers are here to help you navigate the auto insurance claims process to maximize your financial recovery. For a free, no-commitment case consultation, contact our lawyers in Austin, Texas, today.

The U. Even though USAA limits its customer base, it is still the eighth-largest auto insurer in Texas and the fifth-largest auto insurer in the U. Since Texas uses an at-fault auto insurance system, you will have to file a claim with the insurer for the at-fault driver when an accident occurs.

Here are the things you should know about filing a car accident claim through USAA insurance, along with some hints about ways to maximize your compensation. USAA has some of the highest ratings for claim satisfaction in the auto insurance industry.

In a recent survey, USAA had higher ratings from people who had settled an insurance claim in the past six months than:. USAA streamlines its operations by reducing the number of employees that are involved in its operations. The company relies on direct sales rather than insurance agents. It has also invested heavily in technology to be able to collect claim information and process claims. Among the large insurers, USAA provides the most detailed information to non-policyholders for filing claims.

The company prefers to receive non-policyholder claims online. The policy number of the driver that caused the accident is useful for USAA as they open a claim file. The name of the policyholder, along with the make and model of the vehicle involved in the accident, will also be required. USAA asks that you provide the facts surrounding the accident.

This would include how, where, and when the accident happened. You should consider having a lawyer help you to write your summary so that you can avoid making any mistakes that could affect your claim. USAA will assign your claim to an adjuster, who is responsible for investigating the claim. Since Texas uses an at-fault insurance system, the adjuster will attempt to determine which driver caused the accident. As the claims adjuster investigates the claim, they might ask for additional information.

Some of the documents that an adjuster might request include:. This information will help the adjuster to calculate your damages so that USAA can make an initial settlement offer. Most insurance companies use a recorded statement to deny or reduce claims. An adjuster collects a recorded statement by calling you and asking questions.

The adjuster records the phone call. This creates a record of any statements that you make about your accident, which can ultimately help or harm your case. Unfortunately, adjusters can also twist innocent statements. For example, an adjuster might greet you by asking how you are. Because of this, you should consider having a lawyer sit with you when you give a recorded statement. Alternatively, you might want to consider not giving a recorded statement.

USAA has plenty of information that they can use to investigate your claim without your statement. The adjuster can determine liability and damages from police reports, witness statements, medical records, and paystubs.

Because a recorded statement has a lot of drawbacks and not many benefits, you should consider declining a request for a recorded statement.



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Start an auto or homeowners claim online, check the status of your insurance claim, get your windshield repaired or request roadside assistance. Filing a claim online is quicker than ever and available 24/7. Provide as many details as possible to help your adjuster complete the claim. You.


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File a claim with your insurance company. Adjusters know that you need money to pay for your medical bills. The good news is, in this instance if you are seriously injured there is a better chance you will get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and get the medical treatment, surgery and follow-up care you may need. If that happens, you will need to go back to your medical provider or various providers and try to get them to make changes and reissue the paperwork.

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