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The nominees spent a week in Virginia Beach attending networking events and preparing for their final face-to-face boards. Strollers are welcome. Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. It was an incredible act of kindness to top off all of the kindness people did for me to посмотреть еще me here. Regular full-time and part-time lifeguard positions are available at the Baumholder Aquatic Center, Bldg.


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More than just great cars and trucks. Take a look at our career offerings. Limitless Possibilities at Toyota. See more. Media player. Name Server: NS Organization: DNStination Inc. NameCheap Inc. Domain hyourrecipesnow. Domain config. Domain easytelevisionaccess. Domain search.

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Staying in the know is easy. Start now at PlayOurNews. Fresh air, warm sun and delicious foods make brunch a favorite weekend event. Set the stage and the table for an inviting experience with recipes that cover all the bases from snacks and desserts to a mouthwatering main course.

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The result is a lean, finely textured, flavorful meat that tastes just as nature intended. Visit beefandlambnz. Add cumin powder and salt. Toss to coat. Marinate while preparing hummus. To make hummus: Drain chickpeas, reserving 1 tablespoon liquid. Rinse chickpeas under running water then drain. In bowl of food processor, pulse chickpeas, chickpea liquid and garlic until chickpeas and garlic are chopped. Add tahini, lemon juice, salt, cumin, paprika and olive oil.

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Cover with water. Bring to boil and cook, uncovered, 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Cover and let stand about 10 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. Drain well. In deep, inch nonstick skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Add onion and garlic. Cook about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add potatoes and cook 5 minutes.

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Travis Mills. He and members of his paratrooper battalion in the 82nd Airborne Division were on routine patrol in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device went off. He remembers regaining consciousness a few seconds later and hearing his medic call out for help to place tourniquets on his legs and arms. He wondered if he would ever see his baby girl again.

Mills lost a lot of blood that day. Without a massive infusion of new blood, he said, he probably would not have made it home. He is one of only five quadruple amputees to survive injuries from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Working with soldiers every day, doing my job was the greatest for me. And coming home to his wife and little girl completed his dream life. He recalls Travis as an energetic, motivated, active, and friendly kid growing up in Vassar, Michigan.

At 6 foot 3 inches tall, Mills was strong and excelled in sports. He was goofy and loved to tease his younger brother, and he always stuck up for the underdogs, Dennis said. Soon after starting community college, he realized his heart was somewhere else. If you have been receiving email from the RAO that is good news; if not, you might want to send in your address to have it re-added to their data base.

Send to 86aw. ATTN: Those packing up, leaving the KMC Many members wait too long to begin the household goods moving process, thereby causing additional stress and delays. Please note that the pharmacy will be closed every second Tuesday of the month and on federal holidays.

The pharmacy provides an opportunity for beneficiaries to retrieve medications for those who have difficulty getting to the clinic during its operating hours. Operating hours on Fridays are 8 a. The new ACP or gate in Air Force speak was built in preparation for the new medical center and will enable the anticipated increase in traffic once the medical center is fully operational.

In the interim, as ROBMC is not due to open for several years, the new gate bolsters antiterrorism and force protection capabilities for the installation, enables smoother traffic flow off the L traffic circle, and provides your Defenders a more modern and safe work environment. If you have come onto the base through the East Gate in the last year, you may have driven through the new L circle.

When approaching the ACP please stay vigilant of traffic lights that notify you of. Monday through Friday. Short term visitor passes will be available Monday through Friday 6 a. We are excited for the new project and ask for your patience. Please remain cautious while driving in this area during the transition as we the community adjust to the new traffic flow. Direct any questions to the 86th Security Forces Squadron at or Air Force Tech.

Ricardo Hernandez, 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron network operations section chief, left, and Tech. They are also one of the few certified communications units that can provide tower training and rescue.

Now more than ever, commanders rely on fast, functional and effective means of information exchange to drive the mission forward and deter adversaries. There is a reason communications are usually the first in and last out during operations; command and control simply could not exist without it. With growing threats to the safe and secure transfer of vital information, communications. If a line goes down, it must be immediately restored or alternative forms of communication must be established.

The 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron at Kapaun Air Station ensures these capability demands are met quickly and are available every day across U. Air Forces in Europe. The unit is focused on network extension and rapid restoration by taking main operating base communications elements within the U.

Air Forces in Europe theater and extending those services into other areas, like austere environments. The unit is focused on network extension and rapid restoration of communications by taking main operating base communications elements within the USAFE theater and extending those services into other areas, like austere environments. They also provide immediate repair and restore actions between combat and safe zones.

We are combining the best of both and. Air Forces in Europe has not only identified the 1st CMXS as a premiere communications engineering, installation and repair unit, but has earned them the General Edwin W. What if I need another GSU? This is where the 1st CMXS comes in. We can extend more GSUs out, or we can rapidly restore one. This is how we enable our warfighters. We have. Hundreds of boxes of infant formula arrived from Switzerland and were unloaded, palletized and loaded on a C for transport during Operation Fly Formula, an operation to quickly import infant formula to the United States that meets U.

Jacob Wongwai Left U. Air Force Staff Sgt. The President of the United States launched Operation Fly Formula to speed up the import of infant formula from Europe to the United States due to critical shortages there.

The formula will be transported to Plainfield, Indiana, via a U. Transportation Command and Air Mobility Command. Photos by Airman 1st Class Alexcia Givens. Approximately pallets of infant formula will be transported to the United States using U. Different booths were set up throughout the event to help Open House attendees learn more about the capabilities of the maintenance group.

Photos by Airman 1st Class Lauren Jacoby. Above U. The static display was available to all attendees to tour. Left U. The 86 MXG held an Open House to emphasize the aircraft maintenance aspect of the mission to service members and their guests. Airmen and their guests were invited to see a static display of a CJ Super Hercules aircraft, as well as various stations showing different components of the aircraft that maintainers work on.

For example, the Ukrainians are pushing Russian forces to the east and to the north of Kharkiv, Ukraine, the official said. Now is that the only reason? Yesterday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J.

Reznikov told Austin that 74 of the 90 M artillery cannons that the U. Putin still has a total of plus BTG available to him, with operational in Ukraine.

The ones not in Ukraine do not appear to be. The howitzers are included in U. Photo by Marine Corps Cpl. Austin Fraley. On the Ukrainian side, they still have a majority of their combat power available to them, the official said. They are, both in terms of forces but also in terms of equipment and weapon systems.

About six of those airstrikes hit a military training facility in Lviv, Ukraine, with minimal damage. It seems likely that those missiles could have been fired from submarines in the Black Sea, the official said. An illustrated map depicts Ukraine, its prominent cities and the surrounding regions. DOD graphic. Photo by Army Spc. Javen Owens. Members of security forces units around the Kaiserslautern Military Community participated in a Fire Team Challenge, where grueling challenges tested their endurance and job proficiency.

Police Week began in the s to remember those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Grant Holder, th Security Forces Squadron senior enlisted leader. For us here at Ramstein, it is an opportunity to remember, bond and compete. But, once a year we take the time to remember, so we can live up to the standards set by those who came before us.

The SFS hosted the Fire Team Challenge to test the strength, conditioning, stamina and job knowledge of those who participated. These events included a hour ruck march, a Security Forces equipment and K-9 demo and expo, fire team challenge, pistol competition and K-9 competition as a way to stay fit and bond with one another.

Security forces units from across the Kaiserslautern Military Community participated in the Fire Team Challenge, which included timed events such as a three-mile ruck march, vehicle search, vehicle pull, water can carry, target acquisition and range estimation as a way to test their strength, stamina and job knowledge.

John Chapman or Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger, the words that come to mind are respect, duty, honor and sacrifice. In a way, the remembrance and recognition make you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. There is pride in knowing there are people who understand the potential life and death consequences of their profession, but still go forward and carry out their duties regardless of those potential consequences.

They do it because they are the people citizens call if they need protection and help in matters involving the law. They are also called on to lay down their lives in some cases, so others can return to their families. Or, under more pleasant circumstances, a community partner who stands beside the people to build a better world for all.

I know what they did was not in vain and will be honored and memorialized from now and into the future. Pace and three others on his team participated in the Fire Team Challenge where they competed against the 86 SFS and th United States Forces Police Squadron in timed events such as a three-mile ruck march, vehicle search, vehicle push and target acquisition.


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