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I tested how far can I push these bullets before I stop getting replies. I literally didn’t stop getting replies,” he said. I tried to, like, get them to look at my resume, I replied, ‘Hey which part of my resume for this job fits the best? Lee’s experiment also lends credence to the anecdotal stories that emerge almost daily on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere that accuse tech companies of having a bias toward people who have experience at elite institutions.

While almost all of the companies tested by Lee profess to have hiring practices that consider people with a range of backgrounds, there’s a clear system designed here that favors certain elements on a resume. The most likely explanation for what’s happening here involves, of course, automation. Most companies use an electronic tool that filters resumes based on keywords — in this case, those keywords probably included Microsoft, Instagram and UC Berkeley.

While that is slowly becoming common knowledge outside of the recruitment world, the average job applicant probably assumes the recruiter at the very least reads the resumes that are successfully filtered through the system.

Given Lee’s experience, they clearly do not. Prior to joining the team, she covered tech and small business for the San Francisco Chronicle and privacy for Bloomberg Law.

She is a recent graduate of Brown University, where she studied International Relations and Arabic and wrote her senior thesis about surveillance tools and technological development in the Middle East. Amazon has been doubling down on original content for Freevee, its ad-supported video service, which has seen a lot of growth thanks to a deep integration with other Amazon properties.

Janko Roettgers jank0 is a senior reporter at Protocol, reporting on the shifting power dynamics between tech, media, and entertainment, including the impact of new technologies. Previously, Janko was Variety’s first-ever technology writer in San Francisco, where he covered big tech and emerging technologies. He has written three books on consumer cord-cutting and online music and co-edited an anthology on internet subcultures.

He lives with his family in Oakland. Now Amazon is looking to broaden its international reach. When Amazon first launched its free video service, it was looking to capitalize on the IMDb brand it has owned since The total number of installs of the Freevee mobile app is still fairly small, with Sensor Tower estimating the app has been downloaded 3. The ascent of Freevee happens as the entire streaming industry is rediscovering free, ad-supported video.

Even Netflix, which long resisted advertising, is getting ready to launch an ad-supported tier. At the same time, there are some signs that parts of the industry are slowing their investments into originals in light of a more challenging economic climate.

Warner Bros. Discovery, for instance, canceled several projects for HBO Max recently. These shows may not pay for themselves, but they do work to attract new audiences. Many of these originals are also being repurposed for linear free ad-supported streaming channels, also known as FAST channels among industry insiders.

The linear format also allows Amazon to carry some content that it would otherwise not have the rights to, Pirozzi explained. However, Amazon was able to license the show as a linear channel, which it now streams to Freevee viewers. Freevee debuted in Germany in August after expanding to the U. Now, the service is looking to jump into new territories. Every great tech product that you rely on each day, from the smartphone in your pocket to your music streaming service and navigational system in the car, shares one important thing: part of its innovative design is protected by intellectual property IP laws.

From 5G to artificial intelligence, IP protection offers a powerful incentive for researchers to create ground-breaking products, and governmental leaders say its protection is an essential part of maintaining US technology leadership.

To quote Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo: “intellectual property protection is vital for American innovation and entrepreneurship. A fireside chat with Qualcomm youtu. Having a high-quality patent portfolio also helps companies build out their ecosystem, should they choose to license, through advising, training, support for launches, assistance in expanding to new markets, and much more.

Licensing democratizes innovation and invention— it makes the cutting-edge IP developed by one firm accessible to a broad range of others. IP protection also has an outsized impact on the US economy and helps create good higher-paying jobs. Workers in IP-intensive industries were more likely to earn higher wages as well as participate in employer-sponsored health insurance and retirement plans, the USPTO report found.

The group brings together experts on IP and innovation to debate issues at the intersection of research, policy, and industry. In addition, several efforts are underway to help inventors get their ideas into the marketplace.

The Inventors Patent Academy TIPA , for instance, is an online learning platform aimed at guiding inventors through the benefits of patenting and the process of obtaining a patent. TIPA has designed its program to make patenting more accessible and understandable for groups historically underrepresented in the patent-heavy science and engineering fields, including women, people of color, people who identify as LGBTQIA, lower-income communities, and people with disabilities.

Closing these gaps would promote U. Estimates suggest that increasing participation by underrepresented groups in invention and patenting would quadruple the number of American inventors and increase the annual U. Tomio Geron tomiogeron is a San Francisco-based reporter covering fintech.

He was previously a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal, covering venture capital and startups. Before that, he worked as a staff writer at Forbes, covering social media and venture capital, and also edited the Midas List of top tech investors.

He has also worked at newspapers covering crime, courts, health and other topics. He can be reached at tgeron protocol. Despite a downturn in crypto markets, more large institutional investors are seeking to invest in crypto. One factor holding them back is a lack of infrastructure for large institutions compared to what exists in the traditional, regulated capital markets.

Paxos, which is a custodian regulated by New York state, holds customer accounts in fully segregated accounts and has signed up large consumer-facing clients to enable crypto trading. Paxos has a conditional bank trust charter from the OCC and says it expects its chartered entity, Paxos National Trust, to open later this quarter. EDXM, with its leadership and backing from Wall Street firms, could attract large banks into digital assets, he said. EDXM is also different from some other crypto providers that are the market maker, exchange, and custodian all in one, which can be a conflict of interest and is typically not done in traditional markets, Hessert said.

More large liquidity pools such as EDXM will also increase transparency for the crypto market, Hessert said. Presently, crypto markets can be opaque, with large spreads and high volatility. The competition to provide crypto trading, custody, security, and related technology for large institutions is intense. But more deals could soon come in this sector, since numerous providers offer overlapping services, analysts say.

Coinbase provides crypto trading APIs, custody, payments API, and related services, seeking to lure big and small customers alike. Coinbase has three related APIs — a general-purpose one for trading, deposits, withdrawals, and tax reporting; another for streaming market data; and a specialized FIX API for sophisticated traders. Coinbase, which recently announced a deal with BlackRock , has an advantage in routing orders to its own exchange or, for large customers using its Prime API, to other liquidity providers.

A number of other API providers like Prime Trust, MoonPay, Wyre, and Transak have emerged to offer quick and easy connections to crypto trading and other services, particularly for fintech and crypto developers building apps.

Custody providers such as Anchorage and Fireblocks also offer crypto trading. And others are jumping in: Stripe has announced products for merchants to pay out in crypto or convert fiat to crypto. DriveWealth, which provides stock trading as a service to customers such as Revolut and Cash App, has expanded into crypto and acquired a smaller firm, Crypto-Systems.

The company can send crypto trades to multiple exchanges and liquidity sources to get best prices, said Duncan Wells, market strategist at DriveWealth. PayPal in July announced that its customers could send and receive crypto, not just buy and sell as before. Amanda Renteria knew Code for America could help facilitate access to expanded child tax credits. She also knew there was no guarantee her proof of concept would convince others — but tried anyway.

Hirsh Chitkara HirshChitkara is a reporter at Protocol focused on the intersection of politics, technology and society. Before joining Protocol, he helped write a daily newsletter at Insider that covered all things Big Tech. He’s based in New York and can be reached at hchitkara protocol.

The legislation allowed some families to nearly double their tax benefits per child, which was especially critical for low-income families, who disproportionately bore the financial brunt of the pandemic. Sometimes certain hours of training or certification is mandatory. Related: To apply for jobs that match your skills, visit the Military Skills Translator. Awards and recognitions may or may not be in the resume. These are impressive and can help with getting Referred. There is almost NO resemblance to a specific occupational series.

Most resumes are impossible to read because they are a long list of bullet statements or a huge block of type that no busy HR specialist will possibly read. The bullet resume format is difficult to read.

Most resumes do not match the Questionnaire at all. Many resumes include all jobs , which may not be relevant, may be short, or repetitive in the chronology. The chronology can be too simplified or too complex. HR specialists want to read the last 5 or 10 years. The rest of the information can be summarized. Many resumes are uploaded into the USAJOBs application and therefore are missing important information, such as months and year; hours per week; supervisor names and phones; training and other important information for HR to review.

I recommend the resume builder, over the upload feature. In short, a compliant federal resume that is targeted toward an announcement is critical to get “Qualified”, “Best Qualified Referred”, interviewed and hired.

Related: For the latest veteran jobs postings around the country, including jobs related to government, visit the Military. Get your resume seen by companies that are seeking veterans like you.

Post your resume with Monster. Having a direction, a goal and pursuing personal growth toward that goal keeps us feeling alive, useful and fulfilled. While every job plays an important role in the Air Force, two are known well by every Airman: security forces and chaplains. As more veterans pour into the workplace, it’s time to take a hard look at how to retain your best employees. Get special job alerts, offers and insider tips on making the most of your military experience in the civilian workforce.

Veteran Jobs Career Advice. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Auto-apply is sooo much easier, and sooo much less likely to get interviews. Your resume should be customized to every opening you try. It will scream: right candidate! I think not. If you don’t get your resume right, the applicant tracking system will never let you through to the recruiter. Set up notifications. Almost every job site lets you set notifications for saved job searches.

Use them by setting up criteria for location, salary, and other factors. Organize your callbacks in a Google Sheet as they come in. Putting offers in a spreadsheet can save lots of time.

A disposable email address and Google Voice phone number prevents headaches down the road. So, now you know where and how to look for a job online. But do you know what to look for? Pro Tip: Did you find a job you love on one of the top job sites?

Apply online, but also see if you can network into it. Search social networks to find a connection who already works there. Then start a conversation. The job boards really work for crowds of applicants, but there are other—dare I say better? Networking gets mad props because it works. A few years back my wife was pregnant and I was broke. I lay awake in bed wondering what I was going to do.

Did his ex-boss need a writer? Yes, he did. Call or message anyone you know who may have insights. You never know what it might lead to. See, anything on a computer is potential spam. A real, live, human being automatically moves ten steps up the hiring ladder. Does walking in sound daunting? Go in person. Ask to chat with a manager. Make sure to bring a resume and cover letter. Find the best companies in your field, then hit their jobs page.

If they have an office near you, go in person. Jobs posted by employers directly on their websites are often the freshest of the fresh. At the very least, email a great cover letter and resume. Explain why you want to work there. If you can, try to have coffee with the boss. Take time to optimize your profile and get the job opportunity of your dreams.

Write a custom URL, crisp summary, and an eye-catching experience section. Need actionable career advice? Why use recruiters over job search engines? Use a recruiter over job sites if:. For entry-level job seekers, college students, or those without unique skills, the right job hunting sites are still best.

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here’s what it may look like:.

See more cover letter templates and start writing. Do you have questions the best career websites and how to use them? Still not sure which job hunting website to sign up for? Give us a shout in the comments! New opportunities abound. Let’s get you in that dream job. How to send a resume through email? What subject to write in an email with your job application? Employers expect you to follow up! This guide will show you how to do it right, beat your competition, and land that dream job.

Use our sample resume follow-up email, see a follow-up phone call script and learn the most effective follow-up hacks and tips. Completely free resume templates in varied styles and designs for You control your data We use cookies to tailor the experience of creating resumes and cover letters. Settings Accept.


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