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When creating a new resume, the resume builder will walk you through each section one at a time and ask you to provide the required information. During the resume-building process, LiveCareer will actually suggest bullet points that are related to the job titles you list in your work experience.

Zety offers all the tools you need to build a resume that will catch employer attention. In addition to their online resume builder, they give you access to over 20 resume templates, writing tips, pre-written examples, a cover letter builder, templates for your cover letters, and more.

So they do much more than only helping you develop a great-looking resume. In terms of the builder, once you select one of their resume templates, you can choose to start a resume from scratch or build off of an existing document Zety will reformat it for you. USA Jobs provides the best resume builder software when applying for government jobs. Their online resume builder is geared toward the exact application process and requirements of the typical government role.

From here, you can add text to the various sections of your resume work experience, previous job title, education, references, etc.

My Perfect Resume offers free resume builder software and over 30 proven resume templates to help you get started. They also provide a resume optimizer, cover letter builder, cover letter templates, and a number of different customization options to help you land your dream job.

This resume builder uses the same platform as LiveCareer and Zety. They also offer information on how to write an effective cover letter, career advice for job seekers, and more. In addition to resume building, Resume. Search for a job based on position and location, and then use your newly created professional resume to apply. JobScan is known mainly for their flagship software that allows you to match your resume up to the job description before applying also known as tailoring a resume.

It features great resume templates and design options, and they also offer writing guides, cover letter templates, and more. Once you begin, their resume builder gives you the option of building a resume from scratch or editing an existing file.

Along with their free resume builder, JobScan offers writing guides, resume templates, cover letter templates, design options, and more, making it easy for you to build your resume.

Kickresume is one of the best resume builders I was able to find while researching. They offer resume templates, resume examples, templates for your cover letters, and design options.

Because you are surrounded by people with these traits in the military, you fall into the trap by discounting these traits as common. Pass by this trap to federal employment by thinking through your own personality. How have you had to be meticulous, persistent or detail-oriented?

Can you think of something that happened on the job that demonstrates how you can create order from chaos? Or how you had to prepare for an upcoming challenge? Jot those down to use on your resume and in your interviews. So many vets get on the path to federal employment wearing their defense goggles. They can’t see any jobs for themselves, except for those in the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs. Take off your defense goggles and look at agencies like the Department of Agriculture, where veterans find success in areas like:.

Another trap a lot of veterans and spouses get caught up in during their quest is the Icarus Curse. You remember the story of Icarus, that Greek guy who flew too close to the sun?

Same thing happens with veteran hiring. Veterans are more likely to aim too high in federal employment because we think it shows confidence and adaptability. It seems like the natural step after all the responsibility of military service. Makes perfect sense. The feds don’t see it that way. Instead, when you apply for a job that the feds think you aren’t qualified for, they kick you out of the process early.

Take one step back to get into the federal system. After you are hired, really work on figuring things out and fitting into their system. Then look for ways to expand up. Closely related to the Icarus Curse is one of the worst traps of federal employment: the “could do” detour; as in, I could do that job. Of course, you could. But spending time applying for jobs you could do is a monumental waste of time on your federal employment journey.

Stay on the path to federal employment by remembering the rule of thumb for government service. One of the constant complaints I hear from veterans and spouses is how they go through a huge maze of steps on USAJOBS, only to find out at the last moment that they are not qualified because they haven’t pickled peppers or they don’t have three years of experience with molten lava.

The secret here is to start at the center of the maze by finding the self-assessment questionnaire in the job listing. Resumes Planet offers tons of extra options along with its basic resume writing service. They also charge different prices based on the turnaround time.

Navigating so many options can be overwhelming to many customers. Gov is not a traditional resume writing service. The site is home to over 17, federal job postings each day, with over new jobs posted daily. But what you will find is a plethora of resources and a USAJobs Builder that walk through writing a federal resume, including formatting, what to include, and what will help you stand out.

They also offer free webinars to help you with your federal resume as well as the interview process. As a resume writing service, USA Jobs fails miserably, but only because it’s not a resume writing service. Yes, the site offers tons of helpful tips and webinars on how to write a professional federal resume, but you are still left to do the work yourself. It was one of the longest-standing federal resume writing services around.

Troutman alone has 30 years of experience in the field. Her team of 20 expert federal resume writers handles over federal resumes per month. Few companies understand federal resume writing like Resume Place. In addition to federal resume writing services, you can get one-on-one help through resume, career, and interview consultations. The site is also home to several career and resume books written by Troutman.

Federal resumes are complex and much longer than a professional resume. Using a federal resume writing service can save time and probably deliver a far superior resume than what you could create on your own.

Here are some times when you should consider using a federal resume writing service. Even the government has started using ATS to streamline its hiring process. Federal resume writing services can list your education and training and carefully select keywords that lead to success through the ATS process. Your resume is less likely to get tossed in the trash when you use a federal resume writing service. Not only do you need to include the right keywords in your federal resume, but many government agencies have formatting requirements for resume submissions.

You could find a free or inexpensive federal resume template online, but you still need to do the work and make sure it follows proper formatting. Federal resume writing services know the format better than anyone. How do you know which federal resume writing service to go with for your resume? Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a federal resume writing service. Always start your search by looking at the people writing the resumes. Most resume sites list information about their writing staff.

What criteria does the service use when hiring writers? Are they certified writers, and do they have experience writing federal resumes? Find the answers to these questions before you choose a resume service. Does the resume writing service offer any additional services of value to go along with its resume writing?

Many provide extra services like cover letters, LinkedIn profile reviews, and more. Find out what comes in the resume writing package and what costs extra. Because federal resumes are complex, find a service that shares examples of its work online. Many services have examples right on their site. If you are meeting with multiple people, find time to note each specific conversation. When you write your thank-you note s , use this information to remind the interviewer of an idea or discussion that came up during your interview.

Who receives a thank-you note? Anyone who interviews you gets a note. The notes may only vary by a sentence or two-make sure you reference specific conversations. Ask each interviewer for his or her business card.

You’ll walk away with important information. You’ll have the recruiter’s full name, spelled correctly, e-mail address, street address, and other contact information. Make a List In this job market, starting and continuing a search can be a daunting task: Identify several industries where you are most likely to find your desired occupation Consider employers, companies, businesses in this industry regardless of location Target similar organizations that are in your geographic region Look for competitors, companies smaller than the initial list.

Develop A Plan Know Yourself Abilities, interests, values, strengths, weaknesses Know the Market Research fields, industries, companies, and geographic regions Sell Yourself Applications, networking, use variety of resources. Targeting Strategy Develop good cover letters Address specific company representatives Target desired jobs whether or not the job is currently open The key is to target a well-researched list of companies based on your company research.

Improve Your Results Let Career Development Services provide personal coaching via email, phone and in person to help you with this difficult process.

Evaluate your progress and manage your expectations Analyze your results, talk to a career coach Modify strategies, change inputs Inventory your own job search skills Get help from Career Development Services where needed. How do I research company websites thoroughly? Does the company have a website? Does the website match up with the posting? Does the website look legitimate?

Look to see if the organization is using a company domain versus a general Gmail or Hotmail account Match the e-mail address to the company domain. Watch for e-mail addresses that are similar looking, but not the same.

Look for “stock photos,” grammatical errors, and poor use of English language. Be leery of non-approved employment flyers on college campuses and other establishments. Use social media to research each employer, e. Research the company on websites such as Glassdoor. Be cognizant of unsolicited e-mails that are not specifically directed to you.

Feel free to call CDS should you have any concerns or questions. Keep your private information private! Don’t share personal information, e. Never process ANY financial transactions. For example: Some companies offer opportunities to “make money really quick.

They will ask you to cash the check or send the monies to other accounts. Once your bank or financial institution processes the scammer’s check or financial request, you may be informed the monies are invalid or “not real. Additional Tips do not provide any personal information if you do not know the company name do not proceed without further investigation if the email address does not match the company DO NOT deposit or cash it! Reflect Success Develop your brand; starting with your second commercial.

Your second commercial should answer the following questions: Who am I? Why am I talking to you, and what is my objective? What is my past experience and what are my strengths? What are my past accomplishments? How did I achieve those accomplishments? What are my passions?

Seek Experience Find common ground; connect and learn through mutual interests. Build Relationships Become first in mind; reach out and make the most out of every interaction. Why should I schedule an Informational Interview? To gather information and reach tentative decisions about yourself and your options To gain new networking contacts in a different fields or organizations To research companies: Would I like working in this culture?

Are there opportunities for advancement? What would I need to do to be competitive in this field? How do I schedule an Informational Interview? Identify people to interview. Ask friends, family, faculty or employers for names of people who work in the profession you hope to enter When setting up the interview, introduce yourself and why you’re calling. Indicate where you got the person’s name. Ask if the person would be available for a short meeting to discuss his or her occupation.

Explain a little about your own background and why their occupation appeals to you Stay in touch if you’ve followed up on their suggestions. Build a strong mentoring rapport; you may have developed a great networking contact! What types of questions should I ask?

Can you tell me how you got to this position? What do you like most about what you do, and what would you change if you could? How do people break into this field? Do you have any suggestions for me?

What are the types of jobs that exist where you work and in the industry in general? What does a typical career path look like in your industry?

What are some of the biggest challenges facing your company and your industry today? Are there any professional or trade associations with whom I should connect? What’s unique or differentiating about your company?

Steps to Networking Be Prepared. Have your 30 Second Commercial and introduction including a strong handshake and good eye contact prepared in advance. Determine ahead of time what information you hope to gain from your contact and ask specific questions. Be Targeted. You may think to yourself “but I don’t know anyone”, however if you were to make a list of people you come in contact with on a daily basis – you’d quickly discover you know a lot of people!

If you really want to expand the network of people you know, consider joining a club, organization, professional group or community meeting – get involved. You never know who you will meet and who they will know – their contact could lead you to your next job!

Be Professional and Focused. Asking for networking advice or information is not the same as asking for a job! Your networking meetings are a source of information, contacts and advice. Focus on asking for one thing at a time and having a meaningful conversation. Be Referral-Centered and Proactive. The person you are networking with may refer you to someone else, be prepared to collect business cards, make new contacts and stay up-to-date with job leads, remember to thank the individuals for their time and information.

Be Patient and Dedicated. Networking often does not provide immediate results, rather it provides you with one more resource you can use within the job search process. Be persistent in following up with your job leads, and stay in touch with the people you meet.

Networking should be a part of your long term career plan. Do keep your resume up to date, and have it available to share with contacts who request it. Do take every opportunity to expand your network and utilize your networking skills as a valuable part of the job search process. Don’t Don’t tell your networking contact your life story – instead focus on one or two pieces of information or questions at a time.

Don’t be shy – confidence is a quality that employers typically look for in the people they hire. Top 10 networking tips for introverts: Join the crowd.

Tiffany I. Waddell is an assistant director for career development at Davidson College. Social Media Personal Branding With Social Media Build your brand online and network with professionals in your field using social media that reflects your career or professional goals. You may want to create separate personal and professional social media pages. Facebook Use a professional-looking picture-you can use the same picture on all of your social media pages Add the following to the “about” section: internship and other educational experience, a short bio, and links to other professional social media Follow organizations you’re interested in to discover intern and full-time job opportunities, announcements about the company, and potential contacts in the organization.

Linkedin Drop in your professional photo Customize your headline with keywords and phrases that are related to your desired industry or profession Request a connection with professionals you’ve worked with at internships or met through networking channels. Be sure to “personalize” your request by offering some information on why you would like to connect Use keywords in your summary statement. Many employers search by keyword, so use keywords-technical terms and skills-from your field.

Not sure what your best keywords are? Find profiles of people who hold the job you’d like to get and see which keywords they use. Write short text. Describe your skills and abilities in short bursts of keyword-rich text. Use bullets to separate information.

List all your experience.



Career Development Services Resumes & Job Search – Old Dominion University.

Buildef is a certified professional career coach and military sociologist who helps military usajobs resume builder tooling about walking get their first civilian job by offering career-level Master Classes through our Veteran Employment Project and on her website SeniorMilitaryTransition. The notes may only vary by a sentence or two-make sure you reference specific conversations. While every job plays an important role in the Air Force, two are known well by every Airman: security forces and chaplains. Why is it so hard for veterans and здесь spouse s to get a federal government job?


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